McConnell Sort Of Got It Right, For Once!

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell aka “The Turtle” told the truth on Morning Joe on Tuesday and shot down the Grifter in Chief’s propaganda about voter fraud.

There’s no evidence that enough votes were stolen to change the outcome of the election,

The Turtle said this in a taped interview on the MSNBC program on Tuesday.  That doesn’t mean the Senate Majority leader wants to scrap Voter ID. Iin fact while talking to Joe Scarborough McConnell stated,

I do want to point out, Joe, though, the democratic myth that voter fraud is a fiction is not true. We have had a series of significant cases in Kentucky over the years. There is voter fraud in the country.

The Republicans want to keep Voter ID to keep minorities and the poor from voting who are typically people who vote for the Democratic Party. McConnell walked a fine line in regards to Voter ID and voter fraud. However, this professional D.C. swamp dweller was able to maneuver through Republican lies about Voter ID while still say that voter fraud didn’t happen in the 2016 election.

But there’s no evidence that there was significant enough voter fraud to affect the outcome of the presidential election.

Evangelical Rick Joyner will probably dismiss the Senator since he is willing to reject the entire states in the Union that voted for Hillary Clinton to give her the popular vote.

So even when Republicans actually tell the truth, there will be people like Joyner who are willing to use “alternative facts” to suit their message.

Mat Starver has been willing to go so far as untrue statistics to try and prove what the Senate Majority leader told Morning Joe just isn’t true about the 2016 election.  At this point, these folks just show how far they are willing to sell myths to morons.

If it’s a win against Secretary Hillary Clinton, or in the face Senator McConnell telling the truth these Regressives love alternative facts!

Featured Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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