The Twitter Court Verdict: Trump’s CBC Fiasco is Racist as F**K

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Oops he did it again! Trump and his sh*t show of the ridiculous held an impromptu press conference and didn’t have the wherewithal to have a plan of action! He “winged” it, and the boomerang came back to hit him in the head!

Although veteran White House reporter, for the American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan, was put in the peanut gallery of the hastily gathered event, she was determined to get her question asked: Did the president plan on including the Congressional Black Caucus in discussions about his inner-city agenda?

In true Trump speak, he first claimed he wasn’t racist, and then quickly followed with, “I’ll tell you what, do you want to set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours?”

Aghast at the idiocy of the response and the racist overtones of his commentary, Ryan quickly retorted with grace and dignity, “No no no no, I’m just a reporter.”

Clearly, containing herself from pointing out his offensive and clueless retort, the look on Ryan’s face was priceless.  Thankfully, to our complete lack of surprise, the good people of Twitter weren’t as restrained. Here are some favorites:

The Twitter landscape started to catch fire. Shortly after the comments, Samantha Bee took to the twitter wave offering a quick set up for Trump:

The CBC quickly defended they sent the Trump’s ‘Circus’ Administration a letter to set up a meeting, which the deluded Trump seems to not even realize!

…and the concept that Trump didn’t even know what CBC stands for confirms his theater of the racist ridiculous, which propaganda calls the Trump Presidency is a sh*t show! Care for some sh*t pie Mr. President!

How do you come back from this one? I suppose K-K-Kellyanne Conway will call it alternative facts! Can’t wait to see how SNL treats this one – stayed tuned!

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