Trump’s Presser Proves He’s Unfit to Lead a Drunken Conga Line, Much Less a Modern Nation (Video)

Watching Trump’s press conference today, it’s clear that we’re in trouble, “bigly.”

The Huffington Post headline called it a “77 minute meltdown” while CNN described it as, “a stunning moment in modern American political history, as presidents have rarely betrayed such a sense of anger and grievance so graphically or so early in their administrations.”

In another embarrassing display of just how unfit America’s Orange Mussolini is to lead a drunken conga line, much less a modern nation, Trump spent his press conference boasting about his electoral college squeaker win, talking about all the “love” at his rallies, complaining about “fake news” and insisting he’s not a Putin puppet.

Here’s some… um… “highlights.”

Trump says: Fox & Friends is awesome – everyone else hates him.

Trump says the public can’t tell what’s “fake news,” but he can.  He also doesn’t like the “tone” of news shows OTHER than “Fox & Friends.” All the other news shows have “hatred” for him, but that’s not a big deal because they don’t get good ratings.   He also insists that the public “gets it” because the people at his rallies want to attack reporters with their placards.

Trump repeats electoral college lie. Says he was “given” and “seen that information.”
Trump is asked, “Why should Americans trust you when you’ve accused information they’ve received as being fake when you’re providing information that isn’t accurate?”

So, naturally, he responds like any true narcissist, “I’ve seen that information around. But it was a very substantial victory, do you agree with that?”

Trump: “I can handle bad press better than anyone!”
Trump spends his press conference whining about bad stories, “fake news” and trying to convice everyone that he really is “loved.”

Yes, we all know how well Trump handles criticism.  Here’s some examples:

Read the full transcript of the conference, if you can stomach it.

There’s only one question sane people have left to ask.  Impeachment… what are we waiting for?

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