Trump Tweets Lies About Paid Protesters

Trump Alternative Facts IMAGE

Liar in Chief is at it again. Taking a page out of the Sean Hannity playbook Trump’s latest tweets seems to assume that protesters are paid to show up.

On Tuesday Hannity had former Speaker Gingrich and Trump supporter on to discuss the lie that progressives are showing up to protest and are getting paid to do it. And last night the Fox News host wanted to know if Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama should condemn the violent protesters.

When Tea Baggers were protesting Obamacare no one was on TV asking if people were paid for their time. They also weren’t doing what the right always wants from any minority – condemnation.  However, if a white man goes into a Church and guns down African-American worshipers you don’t see much action being taken by the right-wing.  That is, except to defend the “guns.”

What the right wing doesn’t understand is that those who are protesting peacefully are protesting because of policy, not personality. They are protesting so their voices are heard.  A right which is a part of the First Amendment in the Constitution that Conservatives love to selectively cherry pick. Of course, not everyone is peaceful, but that doesn’t mean they were paid; and it certainly doesn’t mean that Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama owe Americans an apology for the actions of a minority.

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