Trump Tries to Distract from Treason and his Impending Impeachment by Scaring USA with North Korea

Another day, another day closer to impeachment for Twitler and his not-ready-for-prime-time Administration.

As normal Americans (non-Republicans) wrap their heads around the notion of confirmed, compromised Russian assets working in the White House, Twitler pulled out an old standby – his smartphone – to try and frighten us into submission.

Sorry, Twitler.  The “real story” is how General Flynn resigned after his bought-and-paid-for Putin love/treason went public – not weeks ago, when acting Attorney General Sally Yates informed Trump and his inner circle of KKK-endorsed freaks about it.  Think about this.  While the American government sanctioned Russia for interfering in our elections, Twitler and his minions were conspiring with them.

Other than, “what did Trump know and when did he know it?”, the other question is:  are there any decent Republicans left? Or is any unqualified autocrat acceptable as long as Republicans can fulfill their life’s mission of making old people eat cat food and handing Social Security over to their Wall Street bankster pals?

As for the fear angle.  Yes, we’re afraid.  Not whether the unhinged dictator of North Korea will get us all killed, but whether the unhinged wannabe American dictator will.

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