Trump Thinks We Would Applaud Him If He Blew Up That Russian Spy Ship

Senator Chris Murphy  the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation, wanted an answer to the Russian ships maneuvers and he certainly got one at today’s press conference. Senator Murphy stated,

President Trump and his administration must end their silence and immediately respond to these threats to our national security.

The Russian spy ship that has been seen off the Connecticut coast has gotten the attention of the so-called President during his press conference today. Trump said that “Greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles that’s offshore right out of the water” and at the same time patting himself on the back for his ability to have self-control like normal human beings.

The question at this point is when do we demand Republicans call this President unfit to run the country?  Before or after he gets more people in the military killed? Twitler keeps trying to blame the media when in fact it’s not the media’s fault.  Unless you count them showing up.  It’s all on his shoulders. A man desperate for attention shouldn’t be anywhere near the nuclear football let alone giving military orders.  So called President Trump makes former President George W. Bush look like he knew what was doing besides painting in a bath tub.

Republicans have control of the House and the Senate and they should grasp that this isn’t a President but a court jester. If they don’t act against Trump after his lunacy that happened today they are as guilty as he is. If we can’t trust Trump to have a coherent press conference why should we trust him or any Republican who walks beside him?


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