Trump’s F-Bomb Tweets Reinforce Exactly How Little Diplomacy He Will Have On The World Stage

In just a few day’s time our country will have a new President. I know, you are sick of hearing it, right? I know I sure am.

You know by now that Trump is a unique species of human that feels Twitter is the most obvious way to state what is on his mind. Not only are we entering a time where Twitter is now the main communication vehicle from the White House to the public, but diplomacy is thrown completely out the window.

For the first time in history, someone elected to be the President of the United States has used the word “f*ck” seven times on Twitter (six re-tweets and one original tweet). You know, that social media site that the entire world has access to for which the our leader will rabidly rage-tweet while perched upon his golden toilet.

Anybody who is alive on this planet knows for a fact that Trump is no stranger to foul language. Whether it’s bragging about the size of his penis at a Presidential debate or yelling “You can tell them to go f- themselves!” at one of his campaign rallies, he has very little filter.

This tweet has been passed around the internet for the last few days. It’s the one where he states his critics were “born f*cked up.”

Nope, I guess there is nothing I can do about being “born f*cked up!”

And, if this is somehow not enough to show that Trump is in no way shape or form qualified to be the leader of the free world, how about these re-tweets featuring the F-bomb? Now, don’t get me wrong, people use fowl language, but shouldn’t someone, speaking in a public forum and who is now going to be President of the United States use a bit more discretion? At the very least, these tweets should have been removed from his Twitter account upon his prospect for the presidency.

I am sure his defense to this would be instant denial and a jump to referring to himself in third person, “Those were re-posts from others accounts, Trump did not actually say that! Sad!”

Ahhh, I can already read Kellyanne Conway’s lips as she parrots this for the millionth time on Sunday morning political shows.

Now, truly the icing on the cake is the hypocrisy this exposes. Not that there is any shortage of evidence for Donald Trump’s hypocrisy.  But, in September Rich Lowry suggested that Carly Fiorina “cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon.”

Well, as you know, the slightest breeze entices a Twitter rant from Trump. This time he took to the twitterverse to tell everyone how appalled he was that someone would use the word “balls!” Oh the travesty!

Trump is likely the most hypocritical person to walk the face of the earth, so it really does not surprise me that he thinks Lowry should be banned from television while he can go around saying whatever he wants without consequence. He has mocked a reporter with a disability. He has made racist remarks about a judge. He has talked about grabbing women by the p*ssy. I mean the list goes on and on. Yet, the word “balls” is one step too far.

I am pretty sure if you lookup “hypocrite” in the dictionary it now includes a picture of Trump with the caption: “Also see; Buffoon, Idiot, Putin’s Monkey.”

So now, here we are.  The unavoidable future world where our president will inevitably drop the F-bomb while representing Americans on the world stage. I am sure you can already imagine it.

“You can tell Kim Jong Un to go F* himself,” queue missile lunch and the complete destruction of democracy as we know it. 

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  • Extremely hypocritical! Trump is the definition of unpresidential, and by far the worst possible person that could have been put in charge of the country.

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