Trump Calls For “Physically Imposing and Aesthetically Pleasing” Border Wall Proposals

In today’s installment of “killing time until impeachment,” the not-ready-for-prime-time administration of reality-tv stars, white supremacists, oligarchs and their sycophants want us all to know that in-between plotting to kick millions of health insurance, starve seniors and roll back the Age of Enlightenment, they’re haven’t forgotten one of Trump’s primary manias – building a wall on the Southern border.

According to Reuters, the Department of Homeland Security request for proposals insists that the wall be 30 feet high, built with concrete and be “physically imposing & aesthetically pleasing.”  Which sounds more like what what the so-called President wishes his penis could be.  Although, given his legendary thin-skinned pathological insecurity, I’m sure reality begs to differ.

To its credit, the city of Berkeley, California, is the first U.S. city to divest from any company vying t0 work on this national disgrace waste of time and money.

The Berkeley City Council unanimously passed a resolution that reads in part, “Hatred and xenophobia have once more gained currency in our country. Therefore, it is our duty to uphold and promote values of inclusion [and] shared prosperity.”

Fox News, a propaganda channel that make its viewers/victims less informed than those who watch no news at all, reported the news by stating, “President Trump releases requirements for the beautiful border wall.”  Clearly, the right wing hypersensitivity to “bias” doesn’t apply to themselves.

Fox also reminds its victims/viewers that the border wall is “staying true to a campaign promise.” Repeating a statement that’s become to the catch-all justification for each assault on human decency that seeps from this fascist nightmare excuse for a White House.

Regardless of whether the border wall is a “promise” or not, the fact remains that Dumb Führer didn’t receive as many votes in the election as Hillary did.  So, no. “The people” didn’t vote for Trump and his Nazi-administration’s promises.

If the minority of voters who helped put this freak in office want a wall, may I suggest they all cower somewhere in an undisclosed location and build one – around themselves.  The rest of us must follow Berkeley’s example and resist – in any way we can.

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