Tomi Lahren Lectures People with Actual Talent to Shut Up and Sing

Surprise! Right-wing blonde du jour, Tomi Lahren, said something stupid and inflammatory in an attempt to viral again.  This time, she used the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga’s halftime performance to bash liberal artists who speak out on causes that Tomi doesn’t like. Unlike Alex Jones, who doesn’t need an excuse to go on a screed about Lady Gaga – even connecting her to PizzaGate – Tomi’s rant is a little less “crazy,” more lecture.  Tomi was thrilled that Lady Gaga just kept to the music and didn’t express any opinions of her own on “America’s game day,” as she dubbed it. Lahren went full Bill O’Reilly, making a list of famous stars who’ve spoken out about her BFF Trump, even calling Beyoncé, “Mrs. Drug Dealers Anonymous.”   Quite hypocritical given Tomi’s hard-drinking past recently exposed on Twitter. 

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Tomi went on to say Lady Gaga outclassed the Super Bowl advertisers who decided, in some cases, to use political messaging in their ads that ran during the game. While she raged against Budweiser and Audi, she became unhinged when it came to Lumber 84’s ad dealing with Trump’s immigration wall.

What this little-known company actually did was issue a giant slap in the face to those killed by illegals, border agents killed by illegals, and of course, legal immigrants who have enough respect for our rule of law not to enter illegally.

Ironically, Lahren ended her tedious lecture by saying that identity politics in ads doesn’t work, even though she was the only one actually playing identity politics in this latest faux-outrage directed at the Super Bowl. Imagine if a well-known liberal like Rachel Maddow said sports stars should keep their mouths shut, and not be allowed to pray or “thank God” after a win, because it might offend Americans who don’t share the same beliefs?  The manufactured outrage directed at Maddow would surely be swift.  Though, Maddow would be as wrong as Tomi Lahren telling people where and when they’re allowed to express themselves.  It’s the viewers choice to react in the way we see fit.  We know how much conservatives supposedly love the “free market!”   Though, their “free market” doesn’t include the market of ideas.  It’s the responsibility of the viewer to make the purchase. We don’t need an ignoramus who, a few short years ago, lamented how much she hated Summer School, to curate what ideas are “appropriate.”  In the end, Tomi Lahren’s “Final Thought” is just more Monday morning quarterbacking of monotonous right-wing outrage.

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