RDT Action – Stop Ted Cruz’s Bill to Allow Unlimited Political Contributions

Sign the Care2 petition to stop unlimited political contributions.


Hypocrisy is like mother’s milk to the right wing Republicans.  Couple that with their unbridled greed, and there’s no low too low for Republicans to sink in order to transform America from a democracy into an oligarchy.

They talk about how much they “love America” while dismantling the egalitarian democratic republic our founders – inspired by the Liberal Age of Enlightenment – fought a revolution to create. In addition to the hypocrisy of faux-patriotism, in direct defiance of the God they pretend to worship, who told them to pray in their closets, Republicans make a public show of religion, while championing every divisive, hateful, inhumane, kiss up/kick down, selfish evil that ever dared masquerade as a political philosophy.

Despite the fact that the Christian Bible Republicans wave like a cudgel sternly warns that “the love of money is the root of all evil,” Republican hypocrites are so self-aggrandizing and greed-centered, they no longer feel the need to hide their corruption.  Now they’re turning government solely into an appendage to the affairs of billionaires right out in the cold light of day, confident that the right wing propaganda outlets that blanket this dying democracy from sea to shining sea will assure their victims that it’s all in the name of “freedom.”

There’s no one more suited to the task of bringing the death of democracy to fruition than the self-appointed patron saint of plutocracy, Ted Cruz.  In true fascist fashion, Cruz has been a strong advocate for auctioning off public lands.  He’s lied to his dumb-follower’s faces about net neutrality, he’s targeted gays and lesbians, he’s a staunch misogynist who works against women’s privacy and autonomy, he’s a climate-change denier, determined to undermine environmental protections, he’s against workers receiving a living wage and determined to deny Americans health care (except himself, of course)… and now he’s reintroduced a bill that would remove all restrictions on campaign bribes, otherwise known as “campaign donations” …because you’re not “free” unless a billionaire can own Ted Cruz and his fellow sociopaths outright.  Don’t worry, granny.  You’re still “free” to scrape up a couple bucks and beg him to have mercy when he’s gutting your food stamps.

The United States is a dying democracy because legal bribery is built right into the political system. Campaign finance laws once tamped down on the corruption, but now Ted Cruz is tired of having to dance around the edges, pretending he’s not an unabashed whore for the wealthy oligarchs turning government into an appendage of their affairs.  He wants to be untethered to jump right in to the filthy pool corrupted by money and bathe in their bribes.

Please sign the petition targeting the Senate and House of Representatives demanding they get money out of politics! Time for American government to stop undermining American democracy and promote the GENERAL WELFARE, not the welfare of their Big Moneyed paymasters.

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