Sarah Palin Attacks Liberals With 3-Year-Old Lame Story — Fails Miserably

Sarah Palin is one of those politicians we both hate and love. We hate her because she is a vapid, hate-filled nutjob who has done nothing but embarrass the f*ck out of this country since her 2008 VP bid. But we love her because she provides us with an endless source of entertainment. Seriously, with her drunk Facebook posts, strange tribal yells and her family’s drunken brawls we just can’t get enough of her crazy. Plus, she makes us remember when the Republican Party supported her kind of stupidity and not Trump’s fascism. Ahhhhh the good ol’ days…

Anywho, on Monday morning Sarah must have sensed that we needed a laugh after the weekend of hate and decided to post the silliest thing on social media. The Alaskan Quitter decided that her fans just had to read a super new three-year-old article about how liberals are losers who are out of touch with reality.

Oh boy! Let’s see what the proof is!

  1.  We know George Bush created the 2008 financial meltdown in part due to his enormous tax cuts, deregulation and unfunded wars. Apparently all of those truths are “alternative facts” though and the reason is….wait for it….”His signature economic legislation, including the Bush tax cuts, was passed in 2001. More tax cuts were passed in 2003. How did either of these laws cause a recession which began in 2007?” Because you know how the economic impact of such things is always apparent RIGHT AWAY!
  2. We apparently get our news from Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah. Lulz.
  3. We watch MSNBC and we all know Fox News is the only true source for fair and balanced news…even though their viewers are consistently the most uninformed.
  4. We are “still” concerned with institutional racism. Yes! How out of touch we are caring about silly things like police shooting black men at an alarming rate, voter suppression in minority communities, a white supremacist occupying the White House, a racist walking into church to kill black people and other equally disgusting things. Their reason for it not being a real thing is,”A black man was in the White House and Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire.” Because that totally means racism doesn’t exist!
  5. We think raising taxes helps the economy. No, we believe that raising taxes on the rich helps the economy.  Income inequality is destroying our country and do you know who agrees with this? Economists!
  6. “You’re surprised that regulations on insurance companies are causing them to raise their premiums.” Erm….regulations didn’t cause insurance companies to raise rates, they never stopped raising their rates. Democrats weren’t surprised that rates were being raised, ignorant Republicans were. The fact is that premiums went up at a lower rate under Obama thanks to the health care bill, but as usual a conservative has entered a fact-free zone.

Basically everything on that list is complete bulls*t and Twitter was happy to call her out about it:

Nice try, Sarah, but you have failed again.

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