Rumples Flow from Secret Pageant Meetings

We are now headed towards America’s first Culture War and possibly it’s Second Civil War.

Inside Trump’s financial ties to Russia

Investigative Series Three

Trump secretly borrowed from Russia to keep his property empire afloat

The Secret Pageant Meetings

In November of 2013 Donald Trump would plan his first meeting with Putin when he brought his Miss Universe pageant to Russia for its Moscow debut. Trump tweeted Putin a personal invitation to attend the pageant, and subsequently a one-on-one meeting with the Russian leader scheduled for the day before the show. Aras Agalarov, a Moscow billionaire and close personal friend of Putin would served as the liaison between Trump and the Russian leader. The result of this meeting would see Trump receiving a $14 million dollar payment paid by Agalarov and other investors for bringing the pageant to Russia as well as the signing of an agreement to build a Trump Tower in the heart of Moscow. This meeting would signal the start of a series of future multi-million dollar payments to Trump from almost all of Russia’s financial elite oligarchs that were connected with the pageant and would keep the Trump real estate empire afloat which at the time had fallen into a financial crisis.

The Russian Financial Oligarch Money Starts Flowing

Borrowing money from Russian organizations while conducting business with Russia’s financial elite oligarchs or for that matter engaging in private deviant sexual practices with Russian nationals is not illegal. Throughout the 2000s, Trump was having trouble borrowing capital from American banks resulting from at least four previously declared bankruptcies. Business wise, Trump overcame these difficulties by engaging in multiple multi-million dollar real estate transactions with his new Russian financial oligarch contacts for the sale of Trump-branded real estate in the US. Private wise, it was rumored within the Russian financial elite that Trump enjoyed watching prostitutes perform golden showers on a bed in a Moscow hotel room previously slept in by Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Russian Financial And Political Connections Are Made

The coming together of Trump’s business and political agendas was made clear to the Russians during his 2013 Moscow pageant trip, during which he would arrange all of his future real estate deals while at the same time he was selling his presidential aspirations to the Russian financial elite. At this same time Putin signaled to his financial elite his deep interests in the U.S. election and in Trump in particular. Subsequently the Russian ambassador to the United States would mysteriously attend at a Trump foreign policy speech to convey Putin’s interest. Meanwhile the deals Trump put together during his pageant trip began to come to pass.

By now Trump had sold his mansion in Palm Beach for $95 million to Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. Trump’s top aide and campaign chairman Paul Manafort had now already funneled tens of millions of dollars from Putin and the Ukrainian President and from Russian oligarchs into the Trump Organization. Trump and his family would make numerous trips to Moscow to close the deals struck during the pageant meetings relying on the Bayrock Group and their Russian investors to buy their various properties around the world. Russians would quickly end up becoming a disproportionately large cross-section of owners of Trump’s real estate assets worldwide.

Financial And Political Agendas Are Set

Ultimately both Trump and Putin would be in their element, mingling with beauty pageant contestants and Russian oligarchs as Trump brought his Miss Universe pageant to Russia for a much-anticipated Moscow debut and the fulfillment of each of their respective agendas. For Putin these pageant meetings would be capped by his apparent interference in the US presidential election, where Putin would be accused of allowing Russian operatives to conduct the hacking and propaganda campaign in favor of Trump that would become the subject of multiple US investigations. For Trump these pageant meetings would be capped by his apparent receipt of multiple multi-million dollar questionable payments from various Russian oligarchs in order to save his crumbling real estate empire that in turn would also become the subject of multiple US investigations.

What lingers for the American people

In the end what lingers for the American people may just be what deals were made and on what terms were those deals struck during those pageant meetings that allowed Trump to gain unlimited access to Russian oligarch money when others in the west apparently would not lend to him. What dirty tricks of blackmail did Putin bring to bear on the financially needy Trump to gain his support?

We are now headed towards America’s first Culture War and possibly it’s Second Civil War

While some readers may view this article as just political prognostication, at some point, we all must put country ahead of political party and all agree that our constitution means something beyond parchment. With the daily waterfall of chaos cascading upon our national populace, the American people need to consider their own GOP Coup D’état exit strategy.

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