Respected Watchdog Group Adds Trump To List Of Human Rights Threats — Right Next To ISIS

If you could create a short list of things that are a threat to human rights, what would be on that list?

If Donald Trump was there, then you’re on the same wavelength as the Human Rights Watch, who, in a Friday statement, announced that Donald Trump would be joining groups like ISIS and disasters like the Probo Koala. Really, it’s a good fit. An intolerant terrorist organization that hates people not like them and toxic waste — Trump couldn’t ask for better company (mostly because he’d never get it).

According to the group:

“Donald Trump’s election as US president after a campaign fomenting hatred and intolerance, and the rising influence of political parties in Europe that reject universal rights, have put the postwar human rights system at risk.”

The 678-page world report goes on to note that Trump’s campaign was a demonstration of intolerance at its finest, with, “proposals that would harm millions of people, including plans to engage in massive deportations of immigrants, to curtail women’s rights and media freedoms, and to use torture.”

Yes, but what the Human Rights Watch doesn’t get is this: that’s part of the charm for Republican voters. That was why they voted for him.

The report would go on to note that:

“Unless Trump repudiates these proposals, his administration risks committing massive rights violations in the US and shirking a longstanding, bipartisan belief, however imperfectly applied, in a rights-based foreign policy agenda.”

Trump isn’t alone, though. Human Rights Watch also went after European right-wingers like the fascist Marine Le Pen and comedian/sad joke Beppe Grillo, noting that they were collectively a threat:

“Trump and various politicians in Europe seek power through appeals to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and nativism. They all claim that the public accepts violations of human rights as supposedly necessary to secure jobs, avoid cultural change, or prevent terrorist attacks. In fact, disregard for human rights offers the likeliest route to tyranny.”

Once again, this is a feature, not a bug. Right-wingers are authoritarians who hate personal freedoms when those freedoms get applied to liberals and brown people. They want nothing more than to erase liberals from existence; if Trump proposed a bill that would round up people espousing left-wing views into “reform camps,” right-wingers would support him unequivocally and would justify it under the flimsiest of pretenses. They hate us far more than they love this country.

We would do well to remember that.

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