Nestlé: Stop Stealing Water From Poor Communities!

Nestlé: Stop Stealing Water From Poor Communities!

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Petition author, Chris Wolverton, writes: “California is in the third year of what may be the worst drought in 400 years, and its citizens are being fined for wasting water on their own lawns. Meanwhile, Nestlé, which owns a bottling plant on the reservation of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, is pulling undisclosed amounts of water from the ground — and they’re doing it legally.

Nestlé Stop Stealing California's Water

Nestlé is exempt from local water agencies, so they don’t need to reveal how much water they’re taking. But the water agency estimates that they’re taking an average of 244 million gallons of water a year. This water is purified and sold as bottled water under the Nestlé Pure Life label.

With the scarcity of water as it is, Nestlé should show more compassion for poor communities. They are significantly contributing to the area’s water shortage. The water they pumped last year alone would have been enough to supply 400 homes. Clean water should be a basic right, not a priviledge afforded to the wealthy! Please sign the petition to urge Nestlé to stop stealing water from California’s poorest communities!”

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