RDT Action – Stop Ag-Gag in Washington

Sign the Care2 petition to Washington State Legislators demanding an end Ag-Gag bills criminalizing unauthorized audio or video recordings in industrial farming facilities.


FREEDUMB!!! Republicans believe that ALL forms of life are meant to be exploited, so naturally, their “remedy” for animal abuse on factory farms is to MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO VIDEOTAPE animal abuse on factory farms. You’re just supposed to STFU and shove some tortured animals dead carcass down your gullet, dumb, serf.

The petition’s author, Chris Wolverton, writes, “Another state has introduced legislation to prevent activists from exposing animal abuse at factory farms. Washington State legislators recently introduced a draft agriculture interference bill, called House Bill 1104, that would criminalize unauthorized audio or video recordings in industrial farming facilities.

Kansas, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Iowa and Missouri have all passed similar legislation, and other states have attempted to do so. In the past year alone, activists have captured extreme animal abuse at factory farms, including scalding chickens alive at Butterfield Foods and ripping off piglet testicles at Seaboard, a major supplier for Walmart.

Unethical factory farm practices hurt the environment as well as animals. Another recent investigation found Smithfield spraying pig waste into the air, disturbing the quality of life for nearby citizens.

If these abuses were captured in states that allow undercover investigations, imagine what factory farms are hiding in states with anti-whistleblower laws in place. Abusive factory farm practices must be exposed and punished, for the good of animals and citizens alike. Please sign the petition to urge Washington legislators to strike down ag-gag in their state!”

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