RDT Action – Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

Make Election Day a national holiday

Sign the Care2 petition below:

All advances in freedom – including the American rebellion against King George II and his intergenerational aristocracy – was brought to us by enlightened liberals – while conservatives conspired as to how the wealthy and powerful would hold on to their power and privilege – in the face of the “chaos” of democracy. Since the founding of America, Conservatives have attempted to restrict access to anyone other than rich, white, men to the very lynchpin of a free society – the right to vote.

Everything from senators once being elected by state legislatures, to the electoral college, to Jim Crow laws to Voter ID laws to ongoing voter caging tactics that Republicans engage in despite being under a standing court order not to do so, are all attempts to block people from voting.

Fact is, if America truly was a “center right” nation, conservatives wouldn’t be using every dirty trick in their arsenal to prevent working people from voting – which is why Election Day isn’t already a national holiday, thus ensuring that those who work for a living have to jump yet another hurdle to participate in the representative democracy conservatives pretend to love.


From the petition page: “Democracy is stronger when everyone participates – but it can be hard for working families or senior citizens to get to the polls on time. A national holiday would allow these families the time they need to vote without stress, shorten the lines since there’s no post-work rush, and even allow you the time to volunteer for your favorite leaders.

Sign the petition today: Make Election Day a national holiday so everyone can get to the polls on time!”

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