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Ever since the country was founded, Conservatives have attempted to restrict access to the very lynchpin of a free society – the right to vote. Restrict access to anyone other than rich, white, men, I should say.

Oregon is the first state in the nation to enact automatic voter registration, now Hillary Clinton is calling to make democracy-hating Republican Party nightmares come to fruition by adopting that model nationwide.

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As Al Jazeera reported, “Under the state law, the Oregon secretary of state will use the DMV data, which includes information on whether a person is a citizen, to register voters, who would then be sent a postcard with information on how to opt out of registration.”

In their long tradition of frustrating Americans from having ready access to the polls, Conservatives are railing against Hillary Clinton’s call for universal, automatic, voter registration.

Watch: Rachel Maddow – Clinton slams GOP for war on voting, calls for universal registration

Target: US Senators and Representatives

The petition’s author, Christopher Burley, writes:

“Presidential contender and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a revolutionary idea: automatic, universal voter registration at age 18.

With one-quarter to one-third of eligible voters unregistered to vote and many more prevented from casting their ballots by archaic registration systems, automatic registration is an idea whose time has come.

Former Secretary Clinton’s proposal has many benefits. According to elections expert Michael Waldman of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law:

‘Automatic, permanent registration as Clinton proposes would add up to 50 million to the rolls. It would cost less than today’s paper-clogged system. And it would curb the potential for fraud. Amid rising political inequality and declining voter interest, this could give the ailing political system a much-needed jolt of citizen energy.’

Help energize American democracy and ensure that the voice of the people is heard. Sign this petition and tell your Senators and Representative that you support automatic voter registration for eligible voters 18 and older.”

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