PODCAST: Counting Cards, Touring With The Who, And One Positive With Trump

This week’s episode of Ron Placone’s Indie Bohemians Podcast interviews musician and Card Counter Spencer Robinson.

Spencer Robinson has lived. An LA-native, early exposure to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones sparked an interest in music and he eventually found himself diving head first into LA’s Garage Scene. Enter his first touring gig: Bassist for Lords of Altamont. During Spencer’s time with the band a heavy push in Europe put the band on festivals with the Who, X, the Pixies and they became touring buddies with the Cramps. Quite a resume! Amidst all of this, Spencer got into counting cards, and started playing cards at casinos all over the country in between tours. Ron and Spencer discuss the art of counting cards, touring, music, and all of Spencer’s experiences that have paved the road for the solo-music he is making now.

Also in this episode: Ron discusses Trump and Obama’s farewell and U2, it’s connected.

Angie Dorin checks in with a Monkey Minute.

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