Oreo: Trump Is A White Savior Sent By God To Save America

Oreo: A black person who is regarded as having adopted the attitudes, values, and behavior thought to be characteristic of middle-class white society, often at the expense of his or her own heritage. – Dictionary.com


I like Oreos (of the cookie variety)! Oreos of the human variety, not so much.

Speaking of which, meet Jesse Lee Peterson!

Jesse is yet another Khristian (As opposed to Christian, which he ain’t!) troglodyte, bible-thumper. Like many others of his ilk, he’s anti-LGBT, pro-male (aka: anti-female), he’s anti-Islamic and anti-intellegence. (Critical thinking is definately on his “no-no list.”)

I don’t think we should be doing critical thinking…every thought you get is a lie…And so if nothing in your mind is the truth, how can you think through things with those thoughts? That’s why God said bring every thought into captivity. Every thought. Because every thought is a lie.

He’s also pro-Trump (I’ll explore that in a bit.) and he’s not too fond of black people. In fact, he thinks slavery was a good thing! You could consider him a full-blown, true-believing, white supremacist!

The thing is, he’s black!

Now, as to my previous “pro-Trump” comment. (Or, as I usually refer to him, “Duh Fuhrer,” “Herr Rump,” or sometimes,  just plain “Rump!”) Jesse is a YUGE fan-boy of Duh Fuhrer, for one reason, he reminds him of Jesus. (You know, “tall, blond and  Nordic,” just like in the painting.)

Donald Trump is going to go into the urban areas, to Chicago, and even if he has to bring the feds in to do it, he’s going to clean out the drugs and the crime and the thugs so that the good folks can finally start growing and living…It takes a white man to do it, and it’s the white man that they hate. They hate this white man and he’s the one that’s going to save them. Reminds me of Jesus Christ, how he came and made it possible for us to return to the Father, and he was hated for doing that as well, and they took him out. Donald Trump is the white savior.

Now, it’s been a while since I went to Sunday School, but I don’t recall any stories where J.C. went into an area to clean out drugs and crime, let alone, bring along the feds. In his case, that would have been Roman troops. (Well, there was that episode with the Temple money changers, but I don’t think that was quite the same thing.)

This week, Jesse was back at it. And, he managed to channel his inner “white supremacist.” (Aka: his creamy white filling.) He started of by lauding Herr Rump’s “playground bully” antics at the NATO summit.

He goes overseas and those little weak ones try to get in front of him during a photo shoot, he pushed them out of the way. White power. White power! I’m loving it. I love good. I love the light and it doesn’t matter the color of the person that the light is coming from, I love it. I rejoice when I see men and women stand up with the love of God operating through them, overcoming evil.

So the NATO leaders are evil?

We are so fortunate to have President Trump. It looked like God had given up on us with Obama. I had to get on my knees and God heard my prayer … And then the Lord said, ‘Be cool, Trump is coming. I will send my son and he will save you.

Isn’t it beautiful to see white men and women finally standing up? It’s so refreshing, because if white people give up completely, it’s over for the country. It’s the whites who make things happen. Blacks and Mexicans don’t make things happen.

Stay tuned! (I’m sure more insanity is on the way.)

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