Obvious Truth No.1: Fox News is Republican Propaganda

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Normal people (non-Republicans) continuously ask themselves and anyone who will listen, “What’s it going to take to get brain-dead Fox News viewers to believe the truth – that they are the compliant recipients of a very deliberate propaganda assault by the ruling elite and their Republican co-conspirators that have corrupted our government?”

In a testament to the extremely low intelligence of their viewers, Fox News brazenly operates its protection racket, confident that the outright lies they peddle will never cause their moronic viewers to stop supporting Republicans – the very political party that exists to ensure the impossible “American Dream” remains only a dream as they turn America into a Feudal state.

Recently it was reported that Faux News viewers were more apt to believe outright untruths in regard to the illegal invasion of Iraq and issues facing our country.  In the days of Edward R. Morrow or Walter Cronkite, this would have been an utter failing and heads would have rolled in network news departments from the top down, but the executives at Fox still sit enshrined on their thrones, comfortable in the knowledge that their jobs are secure as long as they continue to mislead the loyal scores of village idiots whose boob-tubes sit locked to their channel.

Fox News’ mission is to support the myth that the economic and political Hell that Republicans leave in their wake is solely coincidental, and can be blamed not on the economic royalists who use their positions of power to ingratiate themselves, but on the very systems that are meant to protect the People from the exploitations of the powerful in an attempt to create a society that works for everyone.

Just like the Downing Street Memo stated that the facts were being fixed around the policy to make sure Bush could get the war he wanted from the time even before the Supreme Court appointed him to the Presidency, Fox fixes the facts around their policy of making sure whatever they report makes Republicans look good and Democrats look bad.

Recently, Fox News used a standard tricky tactic of purposely misidentifying the party affiliation of people they reported on – as long as it reflected positively on Republicans and negatively on Democrats.

The latest example was reporting one of the most liberal members of Congress, Jim McDermott, sponsor of a bill that would extend unemployment benefits, as Republican rather than the Democrat that he is.

In REALITY, Republican lawmaker Jon Kyle blocked a quick vote that would have ensured thousands of unemployed workers could continue receiving benefits causing thousands to fall off the rolls.

Gratefully, Democrats are beginning to see the value in speaking with candor about the Party of No – no accountability, no Responsibility, no community, no compassion, no middle class, no future…. We can go on for pages… anyway…

Alan Grayson is finding much success by simply telling the truth to the American People and others in power are following suit.

Watch Alan Grayson’s speach on what it means to be a Democrat here:

(P.S. I gave Congressman Grayson a contribution and you can too here: http://graysonforcongress.com/ Until we get the money out of politics, we need to support true representatives of the People)

White House communications director Anita Dunn refreshingly stated the obvious during an interview on CNN – that Fox is the Propaganda Wing of the Republican Party.  As much as she was hounded by CNN’s Howard Kurtz to backpeddle on her statement, to the relief of normal Americans (non-Republicans), she stuck to her guns, citing numerous real world examples to back it up.

“The reality of it is that Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party. And it is not ideological… what I think is fair to say about Fox, and the way we view it, is that it is more of a wing of the Republican Party.”

See the whole interview here:

As Democrats relocate their heretofore-misplaced spine, America’s lunatic fringe (The Republican Party and their accomplices) will no doubt become more and more unhinged.

Stay tuned to RDT (RepublicanDirtyTricks.com) for updates on their downward spiral.

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