Make America an International Disgrace Again! Sean Spicer Calls Canadian Prime Minister “Joe Trudeau”

It’s been a banner week for the Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Trump Administration – and I don’t just mean them being caught in the act of being treasonous agents of a foreign dictator.

They even fail at the “little things.” For example, calling a world leader by his actual name – especially when that world leader was just here on official business. So rather than use Trump’s meeting with Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau as an illustration of how “presidential” he can be, Sean Spicer went ahead and called him “Joe Trudeau”, and thus embarrassed America yet again.

Spicer said, “Yesterday the president had an incredibly productive set of meetings and discussions with PM Joe Trudeau of Canada.”

Being Canadian, the Toronto Star described it more politely, even attributing Spicer’s mistake to that he had a lot on his mind in an extremely tough week.

The rest of the internet wasn’t as kind.

Check out some of the Tweets below:

Of course, there’s my own:

I’m sorry, Dave. Imagine how it feels like living here!

This pretty much sums it up:

Canadians are so nice, they just might start calling him “Joe” to save us any more embarrassment.

Face it. We can’t expect much from the people who misspelled the name of the English Prime Minister, Theresa May, multiple times in official press releases. Though it does give us cause to wonder, if they’re THIS bad at the “little things” when there’s time to prepare, imagine all the “winning” we’ll experience when a sudden crisis hits!

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