Late Night Hosts Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Taking on Trump (video)

In my opinion, Seth Meyers, is one of the best non-journalist interviewers on TV. And that’s probably why everyone is still talking about how Seth Meyers shut down KellyAnne Conway in her interview with him, early Wednesday morning (EST). Which if you’ve ever watched even one Conway interview, you know is no small feat. Since she pivots so much, I’m highly convinced that she was probably an Olympic level downhill skier in another life.

But to anyone who’s been paying attention, the interview was no surprise at all. As Meyers has been vigilant about the responsibility of using his public platform, to hold Trump and friends accountable. And he’s not the only late night talk show host who understands that in the age of DJT, that with great comedic power, comes great, but hilarious responsibility.

Taking over the career-defining Late Night slot post-Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers found his stride after he created the “A Closer Look” segment. Which solely exists to hold the DJT administration accountable, basically every single weeknight.

Stephen Colbert, put politics on the comedic map, so much so that his fictitious character even had his own superpac.  After taking The Late Show from David Letterman, it was embracing that same politically driven spirit in opposition of DJT, that helped Colbert get his groove back. And having his friend and mentor Jon Stewart drop in every now and then, doesn’t hurt.

Samantha Bee’s existence as the lone woman in late night is proof that our country is behind in more ways than one when it comes to women breaking into powerful boys clubs. But her 2016 Emmy-nominated show Full Frontal has been critical of DJT and friends from the beginning.

“Trevor Noah is still trying to find his voice”, say people still wanting him to magically turn into Jon Stewart. But in the life and times of DJT – I think he’s proven that he knows exactly what he’s doing. And no place was that clearer, than when The Daily Show covered the RNC. Exposing tragic DJT voter viewpoints, for the comedy goldmine that they are.

The Nightly Show, doesn’t exist anymore for many reasons I won’t speculate about here, beyond just ratings. Since we don’t know each other like that yet. However, in its short time on earth, Larry Wilmore created a platform where race relations and politics collided without apology. And he devoted monologues, panels, and interview segments to speaking frankly and directly to his audience, in opposition of DJT and co.

I think that Last Week Tonight, dives into things the way that no other comedy “news” show does. And John Oliver might be British, but he’s got no love, or knowledge lost, in regards to American issues. However, Oliver was initially committed to staying out of the political side-show that was the 2016 election. But as someone covering the issues, he reached a point where he had to say something. And when he started speaking out against DJT and friends, he definitely did so in spectacular fashion. But this is a different segment. The one that inspired so many people out their post-election funks, with a simple but direct message. #thisisnotnormal


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