Kellyanne Conway Just Made The Dumbest Case Imaginable For Justifying Trump’s Lies

Kellyanne Conway is spinning and spinning and spinning. Pivot, spin, pivot, spin, spin and one and two and dip and spin – it’s like she’s doing a poorly choreographed dance in her new “counselor to the president” position.

This morning on Fox & Friends, Conway attempted to wash away concerns about Trump’s unscrupulous ways by saying the press never called out “former presidents on their falsehoods.”

Umm, does she not remember the whole non-stop coverage of Bill Clinton’s lie about getting a BJ in the Oval Office? What about all the buzz once it was discovered we invaded Iraq based upon lies? Or, let’s go even further back, was the Iran-Contra affair not in the news for months during the Reagan years? Heck, I was a kid and I remember that. And, what about Shrub Sr.’s famous line “no new taxes” which was obviously lambasted in the media after that falsehood came to pass.

And then, of course, Nixon. We need not say more.

Trump receives a lot of press because he is a raving lunatic who says sh*t that is so unpresidential we all sit in shock and fear about what will come out of The Talking Yam’s mouth next.

And yes, he lies. He lies a lot.

It’s the job of our press to call him on it – and while mainstream media is getting quite a bit of heat about their coverage of Trump – they are doing their jobs, now. We’ve seen many a reporter call out Trump’s lies since he has taken office. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t receive less time on the airwaves prior to the election, but I digress.

Of course, if one peruses the comments of the Fox News or any right-winger’s Twitter feed, you would think that Trump was Jesus Christ himself experiencing the persecution of the Romans.

Wahhhh! The press is mean. The media are all libtards. Wahhh!

Clearly, the Circus Peanut Tinted P*ss Goblin’s team is getting the results they want out of his most loyal fans (who, btw, can just f*ck right off with this nonsense).

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