Jim Bakker: God Told Me There Will Be An Attempt On Trump’s Life

Steve “God has raised up Donald Trump to be president”  Strang, the founder and CEO of Charisma Magazine, had former(?) felon and current con man, Jim Bakker, as a guest on “The Stang Report” podcast yesterday [5/17/17].

According to Bakker, god (aka “The Voice in Jimbo’s Head”) had told him that Satan was out to get Trump (aka “Duh Fuhrer”, aka “Herr Rump”) either politically or homicidally.

I’ve never seen a man—especially a president—so hated and such evil speech going on. It’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen. There’s a war against our president. There’s a war against Christianity.

…There’s going to be an attempt on our president’s life very soon…the world is marching in the streets against our president and it is a war like I’ve never seen before.

They want to kill him. They’re referring to him as Nixon, they want him impeached. If they cannot kill him with words, they will try to physically murder the president of the United States.

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