It Would be a Shame if the Resistance Crashed Trump’s Rally on Saturday, Right?

His inner circle exposed as compromised agents of a foreign dictator, it’s been a tough week for Trump.  So, to soothe his thin-skinned psyche and constant need for approval, he’s scheduled a rally this Saturday in Melbourne, Florida.

Makes sense. What else would a wannabe autocrat do? Let’s remember that the last time a nation’s leader held non-campaign victory rallies was, you guessed it, back in Nazi Germany. While Hilter’s Nuremberg rallies were a yearly event, Twitler’s fragile ego will most likely require his rallies occur more frequently. Although, I’m not sure if Twitler’s administration will last a year before the impending impeachment.

In case you need a reminder that the Hitler/Twitler comparison is warrented, check out this video:

According to the Twitter account, @RoguePotusStaff, that claims to be “the unofficial resistance team inside the White House,” Twitler is worried that some of the majority of Americans who voted against him will “ruin” his rally by turning it into another opportunity to resist.

Aww. The poor snowflake is afraid normal people will spoil his longing for attention? It would sure be a shame not to oblige.

Register for tickets, here.

Good to know the resistance is swelling.

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