It Gets Worse: Babbling Sycophant, Alex Jones, Is Now Part of the “Powers That Be”

I’m no fan of Alex Jones. Never have been, never will be. I mean hell, I work for the guy that spit in his face for goodness sake.  Watch that epic moment, below.

Anyway… I was introduced to Alex Jones the way everyone should be introduced to Alex Jones, drunk in a dorm room in college with the following disclaimer from my even more drunk roommate: “This guy’s crazy, bro.” Yes. He. Is.

Alex Jones believes the government uses chemicals to create gay people, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are demons, and he’s a bully. That’s just tipping the iceberg on the absurdity this walking tabloid has spewed and become a millionaire from. If the majority of people realized he was just a new media version of the National Enquirer and enjoyed him solely for the entertainment value, well, nothing wrong with that. But people actually take this guy seriously. PizzaGate anyone?

Jones’ latest outburst (I suppose we should say most noteworthy this week) is about how Obama is living in a bunker in Washington DC and he’s helping to sabotage Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in an attempt to stop globalism.  Yes, really.  Check it out below.

In the bunker, Obama survives on a steady diet of unicorn meat and tiger’s blood. That last part I made up, but could you really tell?

While there are plenty of alarms surrounding Michael Flynn’s resignation: This Administration’s relationship with the Intelligence Community, the way they’re conducting themselves…Basically, we’re living in a real-life James Bond movie, and like a James Bond film, there are plenty of bad guys and were not really sure who the good guys are or if there are any. Regardless, Alex Jones’ leap-of-faith narrative scratches beneath the surface of sanity before his face even gets red during the rant (A process that takes an estimated 5.7 seconds according to science, which Alex isn’t a fan of).

However, for the first time, at least as long as I’ve been aware of the dribble this guy peddles, Alex Jones is aligned with the “powers that be.” The guy that propagates the ideas that the elite have it out for the rest of us, to the point where he became a millionaire himself, finds alignment with…Donald Trump. While I’m certainly not naïve enough to believe that the richest among us don’t corroborate, you mean to tell me there’s a big conspiracy complete with lizard people and nobody remembered to text Donald Trump? Nobody looped him in on that one? They thought the guy that pulled off a university scam, screwed over contractors and bounced back from multiple bankruptcies wouldn’t be able to handle news of an inside job or twelve? And now this altruistic outsider found his way to the Presidency, and he’s the first one to break through this rigged system? Please.

More likely, Alex Jones is a babbling sycophant who, for the first time in his career he is legitimized by the White House because we have a “Not-A-President” that is, terrifyingly, too pathologically self-involved to notice.

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