Guess What Trump Did After Ditching the Press And Telling Them He Was Working? (Tweets)

After spending close to a decade criticizing his predecessor for taking any time off, as well as continuously asserting that he would never take a vacation, because “there’s just so much to be done,” America’s Orange Menace unwound from his unsuccessful attempt to strip millions of health care by jetting off for his 9th weekend golf jaunt in 12 weeks.

According to eyewitnesses, including Independent Journal reporter Josh Billinson, the Chairman of the Vladimir Putin Fan Club ditched the Press, telling them he was “working,” then spent the afternoon watching golf on television, and playing golf.

Remember how the right wing used to moan about President Obama’s golfing?  How about when the right wing fascists got all lathered up in a manufactured outrage frenzy when Hillary Clinton’s staff used a rope to keep the press 3 feet away from the candidate while she walked in a parade?  Now they sit silently aboard the Trump Train as it openly flaunts incompetence and indifference in the faces of the people they pretend to represent.

Perhaps we should feel relief that the so-called President is killing time before his inevitable impeachment playing golf, rather than triggering a nuclear war.  Though, I’m sure he’s “working” on that too.



The deafening fascist Republican silence in the face of  Twitler’s incessant lies and complete lack of respect for democracy is just today’s illustration that Republicans are utterly and completely unfit to hold leadership positions in a modern nation.  They must be relegated to permanent minority status is this “grand experiment” has a chance at survival.

In the meantime, let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, to the days when Trump complained about Presidential golf outings:

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