GOP Rep Polls Her Constituents On Obamacare Repeal, The Results Are Spectacular (TWEETS)

Every time a Republican thinks that the nation is totally on board with their assholery, they quickly learn that the will perpetually be the butt of all our jokes. Take Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), for example.

Blackburn is among many of the do-nothing, Baracknophobic Republicans who tried to real Obamacare 60 times without ever having a replacement. Living in the Koch brother bubble, she cluelessly though to gauge her constituents regarding the Affordable Care Act Let’s just say that people actually like not dying. The nerve of people!

Ha! That’s a whopping 84% saying hell no! Other folks had more to say.

Look, nobody is claiming the ACA is perfect as changes are necessary. But it’s painfully obvious that Republicans simply despise the black guy for creating a largely Republican-made healthcare plan. More to the point, these obstructionist pant loads had a whopping seven full years to come up with a replacement and they came up with absolutely nothing.

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