GOP Loads Payroll Tax Bill With Wish List Of Purposefully Destructive Policies

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It’s time to face facts. Republicans are nothing but anchors on society actively acting against the interests of the majority of the population.  From their now front runner Presidential candidate, ethically-challenged Newt Gingrich, championing the end of century-old child labor restrictions, to the feeble attempts to blame the whole financial meltdown on the poor, the compulsively pro-corporate, GOP class war agenda is out of the closet – despite Republican propagandist Frank Luntz’s directive for Republicans to stay on their fake populist message.

Today’s case in point is “The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011″ …Otherwise known as the Payroll Extension bill.

Though I am AGAINST a Payroll Tax holiday for the fact that it is, in itself, a poison pill that weakens Social Security, it is to be noted that Republicans couldn’t let themselves just pass a clean bill preventing working class Americans from receiving what amounts to a $1000 dollar tax hike.  Instead, the Republican-controlled House approved a bill stacked with a veritable laundry list of CONservative giveaways to their corporate masters, assaults on the environment, and assaults on those of us not born with a trust fund… with 10 Democrats in Name Only joining them.

These giveaways and assaults include:

1)  The approval of the filthy “game over for the environment” Keystone XL pipeline… based on discredited job numbers.

2)  Blockage of federal regulations against toxic air emissions from industrial boilers (…because Republican masters can’t figure out how to operate a business unless they can leave filth and poison on everything they touch and/or sicken and kill thousands of Americans.*)

3)  The Freezing of Pay for federal employees until 2013 and increase the amount they must contribute to their pensions. (…because people having money to spend in order to stimulate the economy and create DEMAND is counter to the Republican plot to convince Americans to hand them the White House in 2012.)

4)  Turning Medicare into just another welfare program for Republicans to eventually de-fund.

5)  Gutting of the health care reform law by $20 billion… because Republicans aren’t happy unless some filthy rich health insurance racketeer can make a buck from denying someone the health care they need…  or some bankster can swoop in and confiscate a home from under someone declaring a “uniquely American” medical bankruptcy.

6)  Limiting unemployment benefits to 59 weeks…. because who needs the $2.00 in economic stimulus that comes from every $1.00 in unemployment payments if you’re trying to crash the economy?

7)  Drug testing of people who applied for jobless benefits….  “Benefits,” let’s remember… that THEY paid into.  It’s called “Unemployment INSURANCE” for a reason… but you see… mandatory drug testing is a boon for the “lucky” contractor, with the added benefit of teaching the Plebs the Republican trickle down polices created for the 99% preventing the unemployed from finding employment – it’s the unemployed!  They’re HIGH!

8)  Limiting of unemployment insurance only to those who have earned a high school diploma.  (More punitive action against the “lazy,” and “undeserved” people who paid into an insurance program.)

9)  Selling portions of the broadcast spectrum…  another “lucky” boon for their Reich Wing cronies to help “catapult the propaganda.

10)  “Privatization initiatives.” for Federal Flood insurance.  To, no doubt, screw the American people who fall victim to natural disaster… of course… because “we’re broke,” don’tcha know?  The wealthy need to keep their appallingly low, wide income disparity/low social mobility-creating, tax rates… you know… in order to ensure that they have enough “mad money” to corrupt the government and the politicians they own.  As Joe Weisenthal wrote in that Socialist rag Business Insider, “Washington, We Have A Revenue Problem,” “any politician who says Washington has a spending problem, rather than a revenue problem, is speaking from a position of anti-tax ideology, rather than empirical data, so a rebuttal is probably pointless.”

Of course, the filthy Repug assaults on regulations and attempts to drag America down to the level of the Third World are all masked as “job creation,” despite all evidence to the contrary.  Rex Nutting wrote for that other Socialist rag, MarketWatch

“When Moses came down off Mount Sinai carrying the stone tablets, the Chamber of Commerce immediately fired off a press release denouncing the job-killing 10 Commandments.

And it’s been the same story ever since.

Whenever the people (that is, the government) propose some restriction to right some wrong, you’ll always find a businessman protesting that the costs would be too great and that, in the words of Charles Dickens in Hard Times, he would “sooner pitch his property into the Atlantic” than comply with the rules.

Of course, no property is ever pitched in the ocean. The businessman does what businessmen do: He fights the regulation tooth and nail, but if it is approved, he finds a way to make money without poisoning the water, fouling the air, employing toddlers or killing his customers.

Lately, though, the business lobbyists have become emboldened. In our current economic calamity, they see the opportunity to roll back all the restrictions that — like a hangnail — have absolutely ruined their very comfortable lives. And the Republican Party is a willing tool.

Market Watch Graph Benefits of Pollution Rules

…Under the law, agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency are required to do an assessment of both the costs and benefits of their regulations. If the costs exceed the benefits, the rule must be killed.

The EPA has found that the benefits of the Clean Air Act regulations since 1990 have outweighed the costs by about 30 to 1: By 2020, the benefits will total $2 trillion vs. costs of $65 billion. Read the EPA study.

It turns out that sensible environmental regulations are actually good for business, as well as for the trees, fish and birds. Smart regulations create new jobs in industries that make pollution-control equipment or that provide environmental services. They encourage businesses to employ the most efficient equipment and methods. They help other industries to flourish that couldn’t otherwise, such as fishing, agriculture and tourism. They increase productivity by keeping workers alive and on the job. They benefit our children by keeping them free of poisons that can weaken their bodies and minds. Read a study by economist Dale Jorgenson on the economic benefits and costs of environmental regulations.

And as for “job killing tax hikes,” well… that’s just another canard. (click link below to continue)

As wrote for that other Socialist rag Bloomberg Businessweek,

“The notion that the rich drive job creation and that taxing upper incomes is a “job killer” is a powerful line and difficult to refute between commercial breaks. But like a lot of political memes, it suffers from one shortcoming: It’s not at all clear that it’s true.

“There’s very limited evidence to support the claim that increased personal income tax rates on higher-income people would reduce hiring,” says Joel Slemrod, who served as senior tax economist for President Ronald Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers. Cutting taxes on upper incomes may have economic benefits, but it’s not an especially powerful way to create a lot of jobs quickly.

The big difference between the rich and everyone else is that they are more likely to save money from a tax cut since they already have enough to live on, says Alan Viard, an economist at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. They may buy a yacht, but plenty is left over for their portfolio. In the long run, all the money the rich save as a result of lower tax rates means there is more available to be invested in business through banks or the stock market. That should eventually lead to higher standards of living—and, yes, more jobs. But it takes time for that to be felt.

If politicians are looking to create jobs right away, they’d be better off concentrating their efforts lower down on the income ladder. The poor and middle class are more apt to spend extra money, maybe on groceries or a new refrigerator, helping to spur the economy immediately. The No. 1 reason small business owners say they’re not hiring is poor sales. A Congressional Budget Office report looking at economic multipliers found tax cuts for low- and middle-income families are more than twice as powerful in stimulating immediate demand as tax cuts for the wealthy. “The short-run/long-run is the critical thing,” Viard says. “If the goal is to have more jobs 6 months, 12 months from now, you want to increase aggregate demand. If the goal is to have a high standard of living 10, 20 years from now, you want to increase national savings.”

And… whatdya know? It looks like the Republican attempt to strip unemployment insurance from the unemployed people their policies create is yet ANOTHER failed idea that will act as a DE-stimulus for the economy.

According to data from the Department of Labor, the Republican plan to kick 3.3 million off the unemployment insurance rolls, despite the fact that there are 4 applicants for every available job and that unemployment insurance remains “one of the strongest economic stimulus tools available to the federal government, as recent studies have shown that failure to extend them would cost the economy $57 billion in the first three months of 2012. That amounts to a loss of 0.38 percent of GDP, equal to the rate at which the economy grew in 2011.”*

LET’S FACE IT:  Republicans DON’T WANT a Strong Working Class

Did you ever wonder why the Republican answer to the problems caused by their love of deregulation will always be “more deregulation…”   or why the Republican answer to the problems caused by unfunded tax-cuts for the wealthy will always be “more unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy”… or why the Republican leadership is seemingly more concerned with “talking points” than facts?

The answer is simple… Destroying the middle class was always the POINT.

The economy as it is… where the few at the top control the majority of the wealth while the large pool of working poor struggle to make ends meet… IS EXACTLY what they set out to do.

This downward spiral for the working class is not a problem to Republicans.  The rich are doing fabulous since American swallowed the Reaganomics voodoo and that what it was designed to do.

It’s the age-old struggle.  The dream of America was that We The People ruled ourselves, rather than an inter-generational aristocracy akin to the one we fought a revolution to escape.  It goes back to the time when Thomas Paine wrote “Rights of Man” as a rebuttal to Edmund Burke’s philosophies that the majority needed to be governed by a minority of (wealthy) aristocrats.

After the bump in the road known as “The New Deal,” which gave birth to what is now known as “The Great Prosperity,” or “Great Compression,” Repugs (& DINOS) have been assaulting the field-leveling policies and putting the top heavy oppressive system back together piece by piece for generations.

It doesn’t matter a whit to Republicans that David Stockman, the father of Republican “trickle-down” economics recently made the media rounds to tell the late, great American Middle Class something they already know – that Reaganomics was a abysmal failure… because “failure” depends on what side of the gated community you’re standing on.

It makes no difference that Repug policies are the lynchpin on which all the destruction is hung–their true goal is to cultivate and maintain the Plutonomy. Period.

To Repugs, the only “problem” is if the serfs get too uppity and start demanding a seat at the table.  This is why the elites are getting very nervous about Occupy Wall Street  and why they’re trying desperately to demonize the movement.

In the meantime, economic destruction doesn’t matter to them because they can just disappear behind the walls of their gated communities.   As you can see…the wealthiest among us are getting wealthier even as the rest of us plunge into serfdom.  They conspire in their Ivory Towers as to how to keep the people divided and fighting amongst themselves.  You see… they say… it’s the POOR – it’s the LABOR UNIONS – it’s the LAZY UNEMPLOYED LIFESTYLE.

An empowered middle class was CHAOS to Repugs… So they took to destroying it.   Now it’s our job to face that fact, and reclaim our seat at the table.  Make no mistake, they will not invite us to the party they unceremoniously dismissed us from…  We will have to crash it.

Watch Bernie Sanders discuss the purposeful destruction of the middle class:

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