Don Jr. Tries To Look Human By Sitting On A Tree. Fails Miserably (Tweets)

A Saturday The New York Times profile of Uday Trump, AKA “Don Jr.,” featured a photo of the so-called President’s spawn feigning casual humanity (as humans do) by sitting on a tree stump.

The story’s title is “Donald Trump Jr. Is His Own Kind of Trump,” tells the tale of a man who “rose to executive vice president” in his father’s business.  Yes, we’re supposed to believe he “earned” his titles and worked his way to the top

Despite the article’s headline, nothing this entitled brat has done would indicate he’s “his own kind of Trump.”  Conversely, Don Jr. is a chip off the old block, going willingly along with everything his fundamentally-unfit-to-be-President father has done to degrade democracy and divide the American people, including, but not limited to, tickling racist funny bones, playing footsie with a foreign dictator and incessantly lying to – and then screwing over – the people he pretends to represent.

Just as his father played a successful businessman on television while leaving a double digit string of failed businesses in his wake, Don Jr. thinks the “outdoorsman” role appeals to the dupes who support him.  Though one might think that a person who supposedly loves the outdoors wouldn’t fail so epically in the task of “appearing casual while sitting on a tree stump.”  Maybe it’s the brand new “outdoorsy” boots?  The pressed flannel shirt?  The blank look on his face?  What do you think?

Twitter took Uday Trump and his tree for a real field day.


When you knock someone out with a shovel, but you don't know what's next.

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