Devoid of Anything Real to Boast About, Republicans Get Busy on the Breitbart Myth

Republican Beatification of Breitbart Image

“CUE the Munchkins,” Headon Radio’s Bob Kincaid said while reflecting of the sudden death of one of the Reigh Wing’s most prolific bottom-feeders, Andrew Breitbart… succinctly  summing up the sigh of relief breathed by the American Body Politic now the poisoning filth, Andrew Breitbart, has been called by his Maker to answer for his crimes.

But watching Republicans eulogize Brietbart’s 43 years is to watch the CON Myth Machine in action, reinventing an unhinged, lying, sycophant for the 1% as some sort of reincarnation of the great patriots who founded this country.

Like the pathologically self-centered, greed-based movement he represented, Breitbart was nothing of the sort.   The fact is, Breitbart – like his ideology  – are the true heirs to the British Loyalists.   Far from a “patriot,”  he was an agent provocateur, masquerading as a journalist and activist, injecting poisonous lies into the American Body Politic, with the goal of dividing America, so the puppets in government can continue their work dragging us back to the very system the founders fought a revolution to escape –  namely, one where the rich own and run everything, and everyone else knows their “natural” place.”

Breitbart’s lies against ACORN

The targeting of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), is a case in point.   Wikipedia described ACORN as “a collection of community-based organizations in the United States that advocated for low- and moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety, voter registrationhealth care, affordable housing, and other social issues.” GASP!! WHAT?!! “Advocating for low-and moderate-income families!”  That’s tantamount to a slap in the Baby Jesus’ face in the Bizzarro World of Republican ideology, so fellow CON bottom-feeders Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe published selectively edited hidden camera hit pieces on one of Breitbart’s websites where O’Keefe and Giles, supposedly said posing as a pimp and prostitute, “exposed” ACORN’s “illegal” activities.   But never ones to let the actual lack of illegal activities get in the way of “exposing” them, the truth, as seems to happen when Republicans are involved, ended up on the cutting room floor.  Rather than give advice on prostituting underage girls, human trafficking and cheating on taxes, as Breitbart and his fellow bottom-feeders alleged, the California attorney general’s office, former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger  [PDF], and the Congressional Research Service [PDF], concluded that ACORN did not engage in any wrongdoing, and that ACORN staff members at times called the police in portions of the videos that were cut.  The Congressional report also noted that Breitbart’s phony video “sting operation” against ACORN may have violated the law in both California and Maryland.

In fact, as Brad Friedman wrote at BradBlog, “the only crimes captured on those videos, as confirmed now by at least five separate independent investigations (see here, here, here, here and again here) were those carried out by O’Keefe and his partner Hannah Giles in secretly video-taping workers.”

As we know, given the feckless, spineless Dem inability to stand up to CON bullying tactics, ACORN was promptly federally de-funded, and subsequently closed and Republicans continue to repeat the lie that ACORN’s “wrongdoing” was “exposed” by fearless, CONservative activism… when it was, in fact, targeted and destroyed by a systematic, lying, propaganda campaign.  ACORN’s crime?  Helping the poor claim a seat at the table.

Yes.  The CONservative agenda is anathema to the health, wealth and pursuit of happiness of 99% of the population, and their propaganda campaigns include the fascinating habit of sticking to their story, no matter how many their lies are exposed.   This is the hallmark of a cult… as well as a characteristic of anti-social personality disorder.   Again, proving my point that today’s CONservitism is nothing but Malignant Narcissism dressed up as political philosophy.   No matter how many times the ACORN lie was exposed, Republicans still repeat it again and again as fact, minimizing the damage to the return on investment on this propaganda, as they will always convince some willing dupes that those lying to them are the ones actually trying to bring them the truth.

Watch Rachel Maddow Dissect the ACORN Propaganda Piece:

Never mind that ACORN’s demise stripped the under-served poor of a much-needed advocate, tools like Rep. Louie Gohmert
took to the floor of the People’s House to do his part in solidifying the Brietbart Myth, which included, outrageously comparing Breitbart with John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln while AGAIN repeating the debunked lies about ACORN.   Gohment displayed again the pathological CON psychological projection by lambasting the supposed “extreme bias” of many in the media, stating, “[Breitbart] also innovated ways to expose the extreme bias within many in the media that were holding themselves out as being objective. We have freedom of speech. We have freedom of the press. But there should be some degree of honesty. If someone is expressing an opinion, it should be reflected as an opinion and not as unbiased journalism.”  I guess Gohmert never heard of Faux News.

Gohmert teared up as he said Breitbart, “was a patriot. He was a lover of liberty.”  But, by “liberty” he meant the “liberty” of transnational corporations to rape, pillage and plunder our country, communities and the Earth without our pesky “gov’mnt” getting in the way.

Breitbart’s lies against Shirley Sherrod

We know CONS have a long history of “fixing the facts around the policy.”  Another case in point is Breitbart’s hit piece on Shirley Sherrod, the USDA rural development staffer who  was forced to resign from her job after Breitbart’s website published edited selections of a speech she gave at an NAACP chapter.  Breitbart, the media, and even NAACP president Ben Jealous, initially called Sherrod’s speech racist.  Sherrod was fired from her job, until the entire speech was released and the Obama administration, the media, and everyone – except Breitbart – apologized.  But the damage was done.  Again the feckless, cowardly, Dems threw someone under the bus because of their inability to stand up to Reich Wing bullies.

You see, Sherrod’s full speech was far too dangerous for CONS not to mangle, as it described her process of coming to believe that the real struggles working people faced were not “black against white,” but of “the haves against the have nots.”

Sherrod said,

“…working with him made me see that it’s really about those who have versus those who don’t, you know. And they could be black, and they could be white; they could be Hispanic. And it made me realize then that I needed to work to help poor people — those who don’t have access the way others have.”

Sherrod stated an undeniable truth the Reich Wing hopes working people will never catch on to – that our struggles are CLASS, not race, based.  Heaven forbid the Serfs get wind of the REAL class war being waged against them.  Breitbart’s job was to keep the white working class blaming the black working class for their troubles, so they don’t point the finger where it truly belongs – at the wealthy elite rely on those like Breitbart to keep the working class divided amongst itself and thus, powerless to resist their subjugation.

Shirley Sherrod did file a lawsuit against Breitbart and Breitbart aide Larry O’Connor over the pair’s role in publicizing the edited hit piece that got her fired.  Sherrod’s lawsuit is likely to continue.

Breitbart and Weiner’s Weiner

I’m sure the moment the Great Spirit decided to pluck Breitbart from this mortal coil to answer for his crimes, the picture of Anthony Wiener’s penis he flashed to Opie And Anthony was still on his phone, easily accessed whenever Breitbart needed to be reminded of his important work ensuring the working class remained defenselessly at the mercy of the unbridled Capitalism.   Yes, Anthony Weiner was an idiot for sexting women who were not his wife, showing incredible lack of judgement… but for the Oligarchs for whom Breitbart ran his media protection racket, Weiner’s greatest crime was that he stood up to the Republican assault on the working class.  Like Eliot Spitzer, who was targeted for his failings with prostitutes for having the temerity to stand up against Banksters poised to collapse the system, Wiener was targeted for fighting the Republican destruction of the middle class.   Rest assured that if Weiner was a Republican crusader for the wealthy elite, Brietbart would have taken his knowledge of Weiner’s indiscretions – and picture of Weiner’s penis – to his grave with him.   Once again, rather than fight for their own, Democrats threw Weiner under the bus.  Conversely, we all remember David Vitter getting a standing ovation from his fellow Repugs after the “family values” Congressman was outed as a prostitute enthusiast.  What a country!

Breitbart’s Lies Smear the Occupy Movement

Breitbart also exploited victims of rape in his attempt to demonized Occupy Wall Street, falsely claiming that rape was common in the occupy camps by promoting an inaccurate roundup of 17 alleged rapes at Occupy protests on his websites.

From Current TV’s website: 

“The list, which fails to mention that the legitimate rape victims were Occupy supporters, comes on the heels of Breitbart screaming, “Stop raping people!” to a group of Occupy protestors at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference last weekend. “What Mr. Breitbart and his fellow propagandists have done, in fact, is to take at least eight women — eight members of Occupy who were raped or otherwise assaulted — and blame them for being raped,” says Keith [Olberman].

Watch Keith Olberman Detail Breitbart’s Lies About Occupy Sexual Assaults:

Breitbart’s Lies Smears the Labor Movement

Lying and selectively editing video was just another day at the office for Breitbart.  One less noted attack was his attempt to shut down the Labor Studies department at the University of Missouri through the use of deceptive editing.  In Reich Wing world, spreading lies while trying to disenfranchise workers is the act of a “patriot” with his country’s best interests in mind.

Democracy Now described the incident:

Two Missouri labor professors have been vindicated after a right-wing smear campaign almost cost them their jobs. Last month, the website—run by right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart—posted footage of a labor relations class taught by University of Missouri professors Judy Ancel and Don Giljum. In the video, the professors appeared to make a number of statements backing the use of violence in the struggle for labor rights. But it turned out the video was edited in a way to distort their words—similar to recent video campaigns against ACORN, Planned Parenthood, NPR and former FDA official, Shirley Sherrod. “I was just appalled, because I knew it was me speaking, but it wasn’t saying what I had said in class,” said Judy Ancel, director of the Institute for Labor Studies, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Missouri Professors Survive Right-Wing Smear Campaign by Andrew Breitbart

The Last Refuge of Failure is Myth

For normal people (non-Republicans) stuck in a time where the so-called “liberal media” give CONservative lies the same weight as truth, it’s sickening to watch the Republican Myth Machine, again and again, reinvent their failures and harm to the country some sort of patriotic clarion call.

If we truly had a Fourth Estate, we would not be subjected to the CONservative beatification of Bretibart without the “sunlight” of truth Gohmert so nobly praised while regurgitating his Breitbart fairy tale into the Congressional Record.   To CONs, Breitbart was the answer to the left-leaning bias known as “truth.”  But he was, in reality, a proven liar.

After posting a column titled, “Death of a Douche,” Matt Tiabbi came under attack from the flying monkeys who are convinced that Breitbart was all the patriotic, freedom-loving, things Gohmert said about him.    In light of the Reich Wing attacks, Tiabbi posted an addendum to his obit, reminding us all that Breitbart was “someone who liked to publish peoples’ personal information on the internet, hack into private web sitestell lies in an attempt to get his enemies fired, and incite readers to threats against his targets and their families, including death threats. I left all of that stuff out of my obit, but now, thanks to you readers, that’s all in there as well, leaving, for posterity, a much more complete picture of the man.”

So no, Brietbart was not a patriot who would have stood up to the East India Company in the world’s first globalization protest known as the Boston Tea Party, but an unethical attack dog for the establishment, keeping the people distracted, divided and dis-informed so the ruling masters could more easily slip the collar around their necks.  Breitbart was an enemy of freedom.

Having nothing to boast about in reality,  like the revisionist history of Ronald Reagan, the Reich Wing will now cling to their Breitbart myth.

You see…  myth is only thing they  have.

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  • “Breitbart’s Lies Smears the Labor Movement”.

    “Lying and selectively editing video was just another day at the office for Breitbart. One less noted attack was his attempt to shut down the Labor Studies department at the University of Missouri through the use of deceptive editing. In Reich Wing world, spreading lies while trying to disenfranchise workers is the act of a “patriot” with his country’s best interests in mind.”

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