Why a grander, stronger democratic process may never be in America’s future.

Sugar Plum Visions of a Dead Democracy.

Democracy’s greatest political champions are walking away from the Constitution and the American people in our time of crisis. Our greatest leaders are all moving to the world of political nonprofits. Why are our strongest past leaders turning their political backs, voices, power, influence, money, and supporters away from a fight to defeat the recently invoked GOP COUP DETAT? Why instead do they turn to “Sugar Plum Fairy Visions” of a grander, stronger democratic process, when if the GOP has their way will simply not be a part of America’s future?

America’s strongest past leaders must be heard now not tomorrow.

Former President Barack Obama has directed his efforts into the Organizing for Action nonprofit. Hillary Clinton has recently announced her efforts will be directed towards the Onward Together nonprofit. While Clinton’s Democratic primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), has been directing his efforts to his own Our Revolution nonprofit. These three champions of democracy alone, not to mention our living ex-presidents, have collectively been responsible for mounting the support of sixty-six million plus voting Americans, hundreds of millions of dollars in fundraising and campaign funds, the greatest grassroots organizations in our political history, all of which if collectively brought to bear could easily defeat the current GOP COUP DETAT and restore America’s democracy. This begs the simple question – Why worry about America’s “future democratic process” when today’s democratic process is being destroyed all around us?

America’s strongest past leaders must now take up the call.

More than ever, Americans need their greatest past political champions to step up and publicly join in and support the most important fight of their lives – preserving and protecting a strong and vibrant American democracy. The successful overthrow of the current GOP COUP DETAT can only be accomplished by the people if there is strong committed national leadership, the support of the majority of American voters and the resources and organization at the grassroots level throughout the country to make the voices of the people heard and auctioned.

Defeating a Coup with a Coup.

The time has come for all Americans to invoke their last remaining constitutional tool for replacing their federal government – their military. The Joint Chiefs of Staff must be called upon by the people to declare Martial Law over Washington, DC and to suspend the operations of the current federal government. In essence replacing the current unlawful COUP D’état form of government backed by the GOP with a Military COUP DETAT form of government backed by the people. In order for this action to be taken our military will have to be convinced that: A.) This request is the will of the majority of American citizens, and B.) The current civilian government poses a domestic threat to the Constitution and the democratic rule of law of the country. Such a case could clearly be made by a committee of highly respected leaders of democracy such as all of our living ex-presidents.

In the end, will our past leaders fail us in our greatest time of need?

Our true defenders of democracy are stuck in a futuristic position. They need to come out of the shadows and lead the people back to democracy. Let the GOP COUP do whatever it is they are going to do because right now no one but the military can stop them. Don’t waste time gazing at your navels and talking about our future democratic process and start leading the fight to save our existing one. Americans need strong leadership and organization backed by a national strategy to win back control of the country, undo what the GOP COUP has done and implement immediate actions to return the judicial, legislative and education systems back to the people. In the end everything else being said or done by our past democratic leaders is just cowardice lies and a treasonous waste of time.

America must now fight or become ever enslaved.

A Possible Five Point Strategy back to democracy:

1. Americans must call for and support the establishment of an “Independent People’s Committee” consisting of members made up of all living Ex-Presidents.
2. Americans must call for and support the establishment of temporary military control over the Federal Government by the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff under the direct supervision of the “Independent People’s Committee”.
3. Americans must call upon and mandate the “Independent People’s Committee” to nullify the results of the 2016 Presidential and Congressional Mid-Term elections and call new elections held under the supervision of the military and the “Independent People’s Committee”.
4. Americans must call upon and mandate the “Independent People’s Committee” to conduct nationwide investigations, trials, and prosecutions of all individuals and corporations identified as being involved in the Coup D’état takeover of the US held under the supervision of the military and the “Independent People’s Committee”.
5. Americans must call upon and mandate the “Independent People’s Committee” to repeal any and all Legislation, Laws, Regulations, and Executive Orders deemed to be unconstitutional which were implemented during the reign of the unlawful Coup D’état under the supervision of the new duly elected Federal Government.

We are now headed towards America’s first Culture War and possibly it’s Second Civil War.

While some readers may view this article as just political prognostication, at some point, we all must put country ahead of politics and all agree that our constitution means something beyond parchment. With the daily waterfall of chaos cascading upon our national populace, the American people now need to look beyond their normal constitutional framework and implement their own GOP Coup D’état exit strategy.

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