Contempt is a Virtue in the Conservative Vision of America

Compassionate Conservatism in Action

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is trying to label the Democratic Party “The Party of Food Stamps,” so that must mean that Republicans are proudly the Party of Starvation –literally, figuratively and morally.  The Republicans are so morally bankrupt, in fact, they actually celebrate the fact that firefighters stood idle while Gene Cranick’s home burned to the ground and 4 family pets burned to death for forgetting to pay a $75 fee.  Welcome to the Teabag vision for America, where contempt is a virtue, compassion is reserved only for the rich and those in crisis are attacked as “sponges” and “freeloaders.”

Glenn Beck and the rest of the filthy cons leapt to the defense of this indefensible, morally bankrupt, act of contempt for a fellow American, but now Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has weighed in, insisting that Jesus himself was a vindictive, greed-centered, free-market sociopath (curiously, like Fischer himself) who was not a feminized “love thy neighbor” type, but a “real man” who only gave a shit about himself.
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