Conservatives: Unyielding Champions of the Failed American Health System

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The end is near!  I mean, you can start signing up on the Obamacare exchanges October 1st.   But that isn’t stopping Republicans from continuing to try to defund it.  In fact, they just held their 41st sham vote to block it.  I mean… what else do they have to do?  It’s not like they’re fix the Reaganomics hole they put us in.   They’re not going to start governing now when this whole “obstruct and drag us back to the gilded age” plan is coming along so nicely.

Conservatives: Addicted to “profitable” Failure

ONLY a conservative would dig their heels in to protect the WORST health system in the developed world.   That’s right – the worst.  Sure, it’s great if you’re rich!  But try getting sick – really sick – and checking back with us.  The fact is,  the American for-profit health insurance system costs twice more than the nearest most expensive system, bankrupts millions, kills thousands, gobbles up 16% of the GDP and growing, leaves millions out and consistently ranks DEAD (no pun intended) LAST or next to last in all positive measures (quality, access, efficiency, equity, and healthy lives) – but it makes a FEW people VERY RICH to deny people access to affordable care.  So that’s just fine with conservatives.  After all, we MUST think of the PLUTOCRATS!   As for the rest of us… I guess we should enjoy living in a country where someone can be inflicted with the type of elephantiasis only seen in so-called Third World Countries because he can’t afford to see a doctor.  Hey!  At least we get a TLC reality show out of it –  “The Man With the 132lb Scrotum.”  That’s the “free market” at work, baby!  It’s a “win/win!”   The health insurance racketeers get windfall profits – and you a disgusting reality show to distract you from that strange lump on YOUR groin that you’re afraid to find out about because you can’t take a day off of work because you don’t get sick days and you can’t afford insurance.

The progressive solution – Single Payer – would have fixed these problems once and for all.  But this is Obama’s America, and Republicans and transnational corporations must be appeased.   FDR “welcomed their hatred,” and Obama “welcomes their ideas.”  So, we have a Republican plan that leaves the for-profit health system profiteering off the miseries of Americans.  Still, Obamacare will offer some relief until “We The People” have had enough, rise up and demand a government that operates in the interest of the GENERAL WELFARE.  Until then, if Republicans have their way, it’s back to their health plan – which is… don’t get sick and if you do, die quickly – and “if I’m not the one sick, I don’t give a crap.”  Just like their favorite person jesus never instructed. 

In the meantime, try not to worry about that mysterious lump on your mortal coil.  Our rewards come in Heaven anyway.  Besides, conservatives have the Market in Earthly Rewards cornered.  So don’t expect conservatives to stop protecting the “yourmoneyoryourlife” American health insurance system any time soon because by the time a Conservatives lets go of failure, it’s got some nasty claw marks on it… but I’m pretty sure that’s now covered by obamacare.   

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  • YUP! I came home last night to get a phone message on my answer machine that my insurance company has decided that they will not pay for medically necessary medication for the rest of 2013. What am I supposed to do? Pay the “full price” for November and December 2013? (as opposed to just my co pay for the rest of the year?). Now I will have to call the insurance company on Monday while I am work and try to deal with these idiots. And of course my boss won’t like that. Do they want me to lose my job and go on welfare?

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