Breitbart’s Sean Spicer Interview Would Embarrass a High School Media Class

We’ve all heard right-wingers assert that a Republican administration will finally put the so-called “adults” back in charge.

The fact is, Republicans are the furthest from “adult” than any human beings have ever come while also possessing the ability to destroy the planet.


Tragically, it’s not just their emotional, spiritual and intellectual health in need of some maturing. Even their technical abilities are something that would earn any high school media studies class a borderline “B” grade.

Of course, the pathological incompetence of Republicans would be merely funny if not for the fact they now have the ability to kill us all.


Yes, by all means, laugh at these fools and share their incompetence with all your friends. Then get out there and join the resistance! At this point, resistance isn’t just suggested, it’s mandatory. The United States need people capable of functioning in a democratic society inhabited by 320 million diverse people. In other words, we need REAL adults back in charge.

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