How The Media Can Battle Alternative Facts According To Keith Olbermann


Keith Olbermann suggests that the media deal with Trump by not airing his speeches live but having a delay and doing fact checking and calling out the lies in real-time. So, the way I’m getting this it would be like Mystery Science Theater except instead of trolling bad acting they’re trolling lies, propaganda and policy ideas that would set us back countless years.

Let’s not forget that the corporate media is largely to blame for the Orwellian Alternative Facts craze we’ve got now. For years they’ve been neutral on nearly every issue and would give fringe view points equal lip service to actual sound data. (i.e. climate change, peer-reviewed science based on years of research and televangelist don’t necessary deserve the same amount of credibility.)

This was for a series he’s doing for GQ. Let’s digest this. A well-known and respected pundit is giving theories on preserving journalistic integrity in a series for a fashion magazine, a white-nationalist outlet has presence in the Administration and will likely have more, and the White House had to issue a statement telling the world that no, they didn’t give press credentials to a guy who believes in Lizard People…yet. The media’s in bad shape, and in the age of Trump it’s only going to get worse. He called CNN fake news and then took a question from Breitbart, that’s like calling Denny’s fake food and then eating at McDonald’s.

I’ll only be on board with Olbermann’s proposal if they promise not to edit out any of the speech. The Corporate Media likes those in power, if Trump flips out on a protestor and/or drops a slur of any kind which I think will inevitably happen the public needs to see it so we can flip out on Twitter for a day and then move on to the next disaster. Also, never at any point during the fact checking can they use the phrase “Some Say.” You want to battle alternative facts Corporate media? Show some backbone for a change.

Keith Olbermann may have a good theory but his entire monologue can be summarized with the same message to the media Bernie Sanders has been pleading for: ACTUALLY DO YOUR JOB!

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