60-Year Old Adolescents Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock Pose With Portrait of Hillary Clinton

Whenever Democrats are in power, Republicans are fond telling voters to “vote Republican” and “put the adults back in charge.” Of course, this is just another case of wishful thinking. In reality, Republicans are psychologically, spiritually, mentally, intellectually and fundamentally unfit to lead a drunken conga line – much less a modern nation.  They’re like know-nothing, arrogant, adolescents who disrespect their parents, talk tough to show off for their pals, but call mommy and daddy the minute they need out of another mess they’ve made for themselves.

Today’s example is 60-Year Old Adolescents Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock visiting the Mar-a-lago Mussolini at the White House and posed in front of the portrait of Hillary Clinton, behaving like cringe-worthy high school dropouts posing with a portrait of the Principal.

Well, like my father always said, “we can only expect grunts from pigs.”  No offense to pigs, though.  Pigs are charming, intelligent creatures who contribute more to society than any Republican could hope to match in a thousand lifetimes.  So, we can’t expect prominent Republicans who wear their status of “international embarrassment” like a badge of honor to behave with a modicum of dignity normal human beings have come to expect from well-adjusted adults – especially regarding a former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State and person who actually received more votes than the unqualified reality-TV star currently squatting in the White House.

If you ever need evidence that the modern Republican Party is nothing but a gaggle of greedy grifters running a con to convince working class suckers to be the useful idiots in the demise of American democracy, just look at this photo.


60-Year Old Adolescents Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock Pose With Portrait of Hillary Clinton Image
Because before Republicans gave us Trump, they gave us Sarah Palin. Even as she revealed herself to be just another one of their willfully-ignorant, thin-skinned, narcissists, who isn’t qualified to manage a freaking White Castle, much less “an exceptional nation,” the Republican leadership continued to propel her to the national stage as the person most qualified to be a 78-year-old’s heartbeat away from the nuclear codes.

Yes, fellow normal people (non-Republicans).  Republicans truly hate this country and must be relegated to permanent minority status if we are ever going to be great again.

Paul Begala put it perfectly:  “It’s a white-trash Mount Rushmore,” he said on “AC360” Thursday.

Imagine, if you will… if during Barack Obama’s administration, Democrats had mockingly posed with portraits of George W. Bush or Saint Reagan – and then imagine the Republican outrage.  We would have to “imagine” such a scenario, because Democrats would never behave like that.

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