Rahm Is Right- Liberals ARE F’ing Retarded To Hope Obama Will Dethrone Banksters

Barack Obama Meets FDR Liberals are Retarded Image

When DLC, “Republican Light,” New Democrat, White House chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel called liberals “fucking retarded,” I couldn’t agree more. We are retarded for believing that Barack Obama would govern like the populist he purported to be on the campaign trail.

Recently, close to the one-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s inauguration, I was revisiting one of his stump speeches but had to shut off the radio. The inspiration I once felt has been replaced by the anger of betrayal. It was all I could do not to throw the radio out the window but the extremely challenging economic times forced me to restrain myself.

Candidate Obama had me convinced that he was equally outraged about the Republican (and Corporate Democrat) assault on the American worker from the time of the Reagan revolution.

30 years of Reaganomics and Clintonomics have shipped our manufacturing base to China, reduced Unionization, increased the price of education (remember FREE community college?), stagnated wages and made the American Dream somesething you had to be asleep to believe in. The American People are seriously hurting but media ownership deregulation (thanks for nothing Bill Clinton) as well as the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine allows our corporate overlords to disseminate lies designed to convince the Sheeple that their problems are the fault of the liberals who, in reality, have always worked to ensure that the average worker gets seat at the table.

Yet, incessant right wing propaganda has actually convinced average Republicans to align their interests with the interests of their corporate overlords who return the favor by viewing them solely as hosts for their parasitic selves to suck profit from. They are convinced that indentured servitude to trans-national corporations equals (=) freedom! Teabaggers actually gave Sarah Palin a rousing, enthusiastic applause line when she spoke about the need for Tort reform. Most of these Teabaggers don’t even know what a “Tort” is, but no matter – this “small government” crowd pines for the day when big government would step in between you and your right to be compensated if the actions of a corporation hurt, kill or damage yourself or a loved one. Teabaggers are so dumb. I digress…


With the eight years of Hell and George W. Bush fresh in the minds of the American People, in stepped Barack Obama who did not just run a political campaign but a movement for CHANGE!

I, like many liberals, were retarded enough to want to believe Obama was a champion of the People.

Perhaps it was his true, “only in America” story. His single mom upbringing, his mixed race. The fact that he didn’t get a legacy admission to an Ivy League school like the elitist cowboy, George W. Bush, but worked his way through school on his own merit. Obama knew what it was like to pay off a student loan debt. He regaled us with a personal story about his mother fighting with her health insurance racket company while dying of cancer.

But “Candidate Obama” was checked at the door of the Oval Office. Once securely ensconced in the role of President, Obama surrounded himself with throwbacks to the Clinton White House. This was the FIRST sign that liberals would have to brace themselves for disappointment. I mean, for Christ’s sake… if we wanted the second coming of the Clinton Administration, HILARY would have been our nominee! We were promised CHANGE! Oh, never mind.

Our fears became fact when Clinton “Republican Light” advisers continued many of the economic Bush policies that have turned “The Land of the Free” into “The United States of Serfs and Lords!” And don’t even get me started on the war!

Now Obama comes out and states that he does not “begrudge” the multibillion-dollar bonuses of Wall Street executives.

Ironically, perhaps it is also because of exactly WHO Obama is – the fact that he is of mixed race – that drives his psyche to want to be all things to all people. He still pines for the bipartisanship like a battered spouse pines for his abuser. Face it Obama. Republicans are JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. What more is it going to take for him to get the fact that he will have to ram his policies through without the “bipartisanship” he longs for. It doesn’t matter how many times he references “tax cuts” or Saint “Ronald Reagan”, Republicans want Obama to fail and they are willing to take the entire country down with them. They are already at the top. Whatever chaos they create are well outside their gated communities.

Cons are TRUE dead-ender ideologues. Like a cult they hold on to their doctrines in spite of all evidence to the contrary. They won’t be happy until we are securely ensconced in a true Feudal system of a small, elite ruling class, and a large underclass of labor to exploit. Either that, or their climate change denial plunges all our coastal cities into the sea – even if that Apocalyptic scenario comes to fruition, Cons will STILL be crying “tax cuts for the rich!” like the Easter Island priests cried “build one more Moai and the crops will return!”

FDR’s policies made the American middle class possible – before that time we were a nation of serfs and lords. Roosevelt called them “Economic Royalists” and they called him “A Traitor to His Class.” FDR, in turn, proudly boasted that he welcomed their hatred!  Read and listen to FDR’s Madison Square Garden speech here.

FDR Speech I welcome their hatred Image

With the worst economic collapse since the first Great Depression courtesy (once again) of Republican policies, our nation could do well to openly recognize where the blame lies.  Yet, Barack Obama insists on placating Republicans by including EVEN MORE of their middle-class killing policies in legislation designed to bail out our sinking ship, and by doing so he weakens any REAL recovery while legitimizing the Republican worldview.    Could you imagine FDR getting anything done if he had decided to pretend that the blame for economic depression wasn’t squarely on the shoulders of Banksters and their appendages in Congress?

Watch FDR call banksters to the carpet:

Do right-wingers actually think that their capitulation to the wishes of their economic sovereign lords will ease the sting of their lashes across their shoulders? Who knows?  Much of their easily tripped outrage is based in ignorance of one form or another and that is the Achilles’ heel the Economic Royalists exploit.  Teabagger rallies are not made up of the well-traveled, well-read, and intellectually curious.   Manipulating them is easy.   Their fearful buttons of racism have been primed and ready to be pushed from well before the time of the “Willy Horton” ad.

Banksters just continue to laugh and ride them all the way to the bank while they watch them fight over the scraps with the ones they should be allied with.

Traditionally, everyone was aware that Democrats were the party of the people, while Republicans were the party of Economic Royalists.  The two parties’ ideologies were diametrically opposed and can basically be summed up like this:  Republicans believe that government must be “small” enough to allow them to profit unfettered by laws and regulations, leaving them free to rape the land and exploit the worker as long as the bottom line improves.  Democrats, conversely, traditionally believed that We The People ARE the government and, as such, that government sets the playing field for the good of society as a whole.  When Democrats forget that core ideology, and adopt Republican principles because they’ve been listening to too much right wing radio, the people stay home on election day.

The lesson for elected Democrats should be… when Dems act like DEMS the people stand behind them.  I truly hope that Barack Obama, a man elected on a MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE,  remembers that the only reason FDR did not get elected to a FIFTH TERM was because he was dead.  If Obama continues to listen to the advice of his DLC, New Democrat, Republican Light advisors, we know that the Bankster influence in Washington is beyond repair.  If that’s the case, the plight of 99% of the population will have to get much, much worse – to the point where the messages on Corporate America’s propaganda outlets cannot drown out the reality of sufferings experienced in daily life.   When that time comes, working people will have no choice but to wake up from their Glenn Beck stupor and usher in REAL “change” on the blood of patriots and tyrants.

2 Responses to “Rahm Is Right- Liberals ARE F’ing Retarded To Hope Obama Will Dethrone Banksters”

  • nomad says:

    Obama didn’t betray anybody, in fact, he’s done more good for America in one year then than any president ever has. That being to force people to think about the future. Anyone who tries to go back and analyze Obama’s speeches is a Fucking retard. Expecting Obama to pull a rabbit out of his ass in only one year is ignorance at its best.
    People always hunger for what they can’t have or can’t afford. The entitlement era is over, all retards to the back of the F’ing buse.

  • taradacktyl says:

    Thanks for your comment, nomad. Just a tip: When calling someone a “retard,” a good rule of thumb would be to make sure you know how to spell rudimentary words (like “bus”). Doing so gives more credence to the weight of your argument and reduces the chance that your interjection will simply be viewed as an example to prove my original point rather than counter it.

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