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Metaphorical Deaths

Obama Covers For George W. Bush’s War Crimes

Obama Looks Forward Not Backward Stabbed in the Back Image

Obama is a centrist; Republicans call him a Marxist.

Obama is a Christian; Republicans call him a radical Muslim sleeper cell.

He’s gracious to a fault in the face of Republican divisiveness; Republicans call him a tough Chicago thug.

Now Republicans are blaming Obama for not supporting the war they lied us into while Obama holds on to his “Team of Rivals” fantasy, and takes the high road – again.

Instigating a pre-emptive war goes against over 200 years of U.S. foreign policy, violates the Constitution as well as numerous treaties of which we are signatories. According to George Bush’s former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, the Illegal Iraq invasion and occupation was in the initial planning stages the MONTH BEFORE Bush took office. In Ron Suskind’s 2004 book, “The Price of Loyalty,” O’Neill said that the invasion of Iraq was the topic at the FIRST National Security Council and a map detailing how Iraq’s oil fields would be carved up was on display… the Bush White House actively worked to deceive the American People and were “fixing the facts around the policy“… Yet there was President Obama… once again weaving the LIE that we went to Iraq to “disarm a state” into the much abused national consciousness.  Read the transcript here.

He praised the well-fed, draft-dodging, silver-spooned, giggling, war-criminal Bush for his “love of country” and assured us all of our support of the troops, 4000+ of whom Bush is directly responsible for murdering and thousands more of whom are suffering from catastrophic physical and/or mental illnesses. In addition, the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq murdered millions of Iraqis, displaced millions more, and poisoned with depleted uranium the people unlucky enough to be born on top of Dick Cheney’s (and his buddies’) oil.

Remember how HILARIOUS it was when we couldn’t actually FIND the WMD’s that weren’t there?

Like a battered spouse pining for an abuser,  Obama continuously infuriates those who supported him with a mandate for “change” through his constant wooing of the sociopaths who not only “drove the car into the ditch,” as he likes to say, but will stop at nothing to get back in power to continue to make the government an appendage to their own affairs.

If the Republicans gain control of the House and Senate this November, a level of obstructionism not seen since another Bill Clinton was attempting to govern will quickly replace the “look forward, not backward” meme, as their own words betray:

Eric Erickson GOP Obstruction Image

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