Boehner Lets Slip Again the Repug Disdain for the Other 98%

House Repug Leader John Boehner Details GOP Plan for the Other 98% Image

One doesn’t have to stretch their imagination too far to glimpse the Republican vision for the future – just turn back the clock to the “gilded age” where super-rich robber barons ran government and lived in opulence while lording mercilessly over the common people.

Don’t take my word for it… take if from the Republicans themselves.  In spite of Republican Pollster Frank Luntz’s directive for Republicans to stay on their fake populist message in an effort to convince Teatards that “freedom” equals the “freedom” of transnational corporations to ride you to the bank unfettered by pesky government, the compulsively pro-corporate, GOP class war agenda can’t help but sometimes slip from their well-fed GOP mouths.

From Joe Barton’s apology to corporate felon BP, to Sharron Angle’s view that unemployment benefits are ‘spoiling’ the lazy citizenry, the GOP staffers are keeping busy desperately releasing retractions every time one of these out-of-touch bastards comes out of their gated communities to spit in the face of the late, great, middle class, destroyed by 30 years of Reaganomics.

This latest example is the orange-hued House Republican Leader John Boehner, who, like all rich GOP bastards, went to bat for his true masters – the rich and their giant corporations, by saying financial reform is like attacking an “ant” with a nuclear weapon. I guess he would have a point if that “ant” was capable of destroying 8 million jobs and collapsing the world economy.

Boehner also wants to ensure there’s enough money to pay for corporate America’s never-ending wars by “reforming the country’s entitlement system,” and raising the Security retirement age to 70.

So, not only are that “small people” expected to die for corporate America, we are now expected to work our elderly fingers to the bone – or die quickly so as not to be a burden to our “betters.”   THAT is how much Republicans hate the other 98%.

The out of touch, well-fed and GOP leader who also enjoys top of the line heath insurance while millions of those he professes to represent go bankrupt or die for lack of care, said he would work to repeal health insurance reform the next time Repugs buy, vote rig and dupe their way into power.

He also charged that Democrats are “snuffing out the America that I grew up in.”  Never mind the reality that the richest Americans paid an 92% top marginal tax rate in the America that Boehner grew up in.

Following the cue of sore-loser Rethugs who still can’t face the fact that a black man is President, Boehner believes that a “political rebellion” akin to the American revolution of 1776 is brewing.
(Never mind that Teabaggers are too willfully ignorant to know that the Boston Tea Party which sparked the American Revolution, was prompted by the egregious marriage between the world’s first transnational corporation, the East India Company, and the government nthat ensured it could ride the Colonists’ backs unregulated without concern for country or community.)

For all their claims of being guardians of the Constitution, Boehner is following a familiar CONservatives meme of making veiled threats of violence against our duly elected government, proving their utter lack of respect for our democratic system and their desperation for power.

Much like the wealthy Business Plot against FDR when he dared to put the government on the side of the People and create and empower the American Middle Class though the New Deal, the Republicans will do anything to get their boney fingers around the neck of power so they can continue to ensure their Plutocratic base can keep their boots on working people’s necks while they turn “The Land of the Free” into “The United States of Serfs and Lords.”

Watch Boehner’s comments on health care:

Watch Boehner’s comments on Social Security:

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