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Repug News:
Intelligence Institute Study shows Fox News viewers have an IQ that is 20 points lower than the U.S. National average

Republicans Maintain Majority in the House due to Gerrymandering, NOT Democracy

A Drunken Moon-Bat Romney Supporter Looses Her Mind When Obama Wins

Mitt Romney Disguises Campaign Events as "Storm Relief"

Right Wing Propaganda and Lies Claim MORE Victims: Man Kills Family and Self at Thought of Second Obama Term

Republican Platform Calls for a Constitutional Amendment Banning All Abortions - With No Exception for Rape or Incest

What a Surprise! Dumb-ass CONS say they "built it all on their own" - with the help of MILLIONS of dollars in subsidies and loans courtesy of WE THE PEOPLE, of course

Another Surprise! Ron Paul Decries the Social Security System While Simultaneously Sucking on its Teat

16 Billionaires Want to Install their Puppet President Romney so they can Rape, Plunder & Pillage America Unfettered by Pesky Government

CONS Traditionally Use the BIG Government They Pretend to Loathe to Repress the Powerless & Underprivileged. Why Do Conservatives Hate Freedom?

CONS Are "Low-Effort Thinkers"... In Other Words, When Effortful, Deliberate Thought is Disengaged, Endorsement of Conservative Ideology Increases.

Despite Public Proclamations, The Bush Crime Family KNEW that Waterboarding is Torture, But Ordered It Anyway - Then Ordered All The Memos Where They Were Warned Not To Torture Be Destroyed

Alaska State Rep. Alan Dick Says He Would Advocate for Criminalizing Women Who Have an Abortion Without the Written Permission of the Man who Impregnated Her.

Mississippi Republicans Seek To Ban Liberal History In Social Studies Courses

Teabag Hypocrites Decry the System while Simultaneously Sucking on it's Teat

Arkansas Democratic Campaign Manager Comes Home To Find Child’s Cat Murdered, ‘LIBERAL’ Written On Dead Body

Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall (R - OF COURSE) Says Children with Disabilities are God’s Punishment to Women who Previously had Abortions.

Romney Thinks Only Rich People Should Run For Office

Poor Women have No Lobbyists so Scott Walker Cuts Cancer Screenings For Uninsured Women, Offers No Alternatives

Gingrich's Tax Plan Would Give The Rich MORE Mad Money to Corrupt the System

Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS PAC Uses Wall Street Money to Attack Elizabeth Warren as Being in Bed with Wall Street

Bloomberg’s Girlfriend Was Paid $109,954 In 2009 By The Tax-Dodging Owners Of Zuccotti Park

Scott Walker Unveils Policy To Have Protesters Pay Police, Cleanup Costs

Michele Bachmann Says A Gay Man Can Get Married, But Only To A Woman (Like Her Husband Did)

Michele Bachmann Says If You Are Unemployed, You Should Starve

The Elite are Getting Nervous... Lobbying Firm's Memo Spells Out Plan to Undermine Occupy Wall Street

Repug Tax Plan Would Eliminate Deductions that SPECIFICALLY Target the Middle Class While Leaving their Buddies in the Top 1% Reaping their Windfall Profits

Bloomberg Evicts OWS Under Media Blackout - "For the Press' Protection" - Tyrants ALWAYS Perpetrate Their Crimes in the Name of the Security of the People

Bill O'Reilly's Lincoln Book Barred From Ford’s Theatre Bookstore for Plethora of Factual Errors - so Naturally O'Reilly Says it's All the Fault of His "Enemies"

Study Reveals Faux News Discusses - and DISMISSES - Climate Change the Most

Teabaggers Plot to Burn, Shred, and Sabotage Scott Walker Recall Effort

Eric Cantor Cancels a Speech on "Income Inequality" (in which he would focus on "how we make sure the people at the top stay there") Once He Found Out the Unwashed Masses Would be in Attendance.

They Hate Them For Their Freedom! A Tax Cut Terrorist Repug Want to Go "Taliban" on The Occupy Wall Street Protesters

"We Are the 53%" : Without A Sense of Irony, Dumb, Stockholm-Syndrom-Suffering CONservatives Cheer Their Subjugation

CON Agent Provociteaurs are Infiltrating the 99% Movement - Their Rich Daddy Masters Must Be Very Nervous

Can We Arrest Them Now? A Bloomberg Markets investigation has found that Koch Industries Paid Bribes, Traded With a Recognized Sponsor of Global Terrorism (Iran), Stole Oil on Federal Land (OUR Land) &... of Course, Lied to Authorities.

When The Minimum Wage Is Too Low It Not Only Impoverishes Productive Workers, It Weakens The Key Consumer Demand At The Heart Of Our Local Economy... SO Republicans On Fox News Say Minimum Wage Should Be $3/Hr.

Mitt Romney Wants the Small People to Believe that his $250 Million Makes Him a Genuine Member of “the Great Middle Class.” You See, America. Republicans Really ARE "In Touch" with the Commoners They're Subjugating!

In Waje if Record Natural Disasters, Tax Cut Terrorist Republicans Tax Disaster Relief Hostage

National Shame: More Evidence the 30 Year Republican Mission to Turn the Economically-Vibrant, Post-New Deal, American Middle Class into "CHEAP LABOR" has Turned America into a Third World Nation

Republican Crime Family Omertà: Darrell Issa Won't Investigate News Corp’s Alleged Hacking Of 9/11 Victims - He Don’t Want To Pick On "The Media"

Alan Grayson Was Right - The Republican Greed-Centered Health Plan for the Unemployed is: DIE QUICKLY

Well Fed Lord Governor Chris Christie Keynotes a Super-Secret, Ultra-Exclusive Gathering of Right Wing Corporate Barons & Billionaires as the Plot the Overthrow of the United States Government

Filthy War Criminal Dick Cheney Boasts on National Television About Committing the Crimes Our Grandparents Once Prosecuted Our Enemies For

"Freedom-Loving" GOP Congressmen Put Constituents Who Asked Tough Questions On A ‘Watch List’

Set your clocks again! ANOTHER anti-gay Repug caught in the act of being himself -GAY

In Hurricane Irene's Wake, Republican Promise to Hold FEMA Funds Hostage

Repug Rep. Hultgren Draws Laughs At Town Hall With Plan To Beg, Not Require, Rich To Pay More Taxes

Data Shows Americans Dislike Teabaggers More Than Much Maligned "Muslims" & "Atheists"... & Rather Than Being Non-Partisan Political Neophytes Concerned About "Big Government" - Teabaggers Are White, Racist, Republican, & Want to Turn the U.S. into a Theocracy.

Nearly 10 Years Ago Today, The U.S. Began Borrowing Billions To Pay For The Bush Tax Cuts

Mitch McConnell: We Must Rewrite The Constitution Because ‘Elections’ Haven’t ‘Worked’... Meaning... the People Still Have SOME Say in the Matter

Paul Ryan & His CON Co-Conspirators Sip $350 Bottles of Wine While Plotting the Destruction of the Middle Class

Documents Obtained By Gawker From The Nixon & Bush Presidential Libraries Reveal Roger Ailes Plot To Create GOP Propaganda Channels

Republican Propaganda Has Most Americans Convinced That We Can Cut Our Way To Prosperity

Joshua Treviño, Formerly a Speechwriter in The Bush Administration, is Openly Calling for a Foreign Government to Massacre American Flotilla Activists

Michelle Bachmann wants the People of Waterloo, Iowa to Rest Assured That She's Channeling a Celebrated Resident, John Wayne. Trouble is... John Wayne Gacy the Serial Killer Was from Waterloo... Not the Hollywood Icon

Typical CON Hypocrite Michelle Bachmann Decries Socialism While Reaping $250K in Federal Farm Subsidies

One Person's "American Exceptionalism" is Another Person's "American Disgrace." Man Robs Bank For 1 Dollar to Get Health Care in Prison

Whatdaya Know?! Paul Ryan's Budget Not Only Benefits Big Oil, But Paul Ryan's Own Personal Investments... Proving Once Again that Republicans Only Seek Public Office to Benefit Themselves & Their Well-Connected Buddies

Palin Sycophants Desperately Weave Disjointed Historical Moments with Outright Fiction to Try and Convince Normal (non-Republican) Society that Sister Sarah is Not as Stupid as She Actually is.

John Boehner Fights Foreclosure Relief As Housing Crisis Ravages His District - More Proof Republicans Work for the Banksters, Not the People.

Tell Us Something We Don't Know- New study: You can't live on minimum wage

Palin Sycophants are now Trying to Rewrite the Paul Revere Wikipedia Page to fit in with their Reich Wing Diva's Revisionist History

Madison Avenue Declares the former Middle Class, now Working Poor - Irrelevant

Faux Business Channel runs week-long assault on our social safety net called "Takers & Makers" - protecting the REAL parasites - the rich Oligarchs who suck profit from American labor without paying their fair share towards a society that works for EVERYONE - not just those born with a trust fund like the Koch Brothers.

Faux Business Channel runs week-long assault on our social safety net called "Takers & Makers" - protecting the REAL parasites - the rich Oligarchs who suck profit from American labor without paying their fair share towards a society that works for EVERYONE - not just those born with a trust fund like the Koch Brothers.

FIRST they came for the teachers - Repugs turn American's schoolteachers today's mythical "welfare queen"

CONS post threats against 16-year-old H.S. sophomore who challenged "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann to a debate

John Boehner visits his masters on Wall Street and regales them with a plethora of GOP lies - in other words - it was just another Monday

WRONG AGAIN Repugs: "Government Motors" reaps a 3.2 BILLION dollar profit in 1st Quarter

Rank and file Republicans playfully share with each other which liberals they would like to torture

Sarah Palin thanks Bush by name, but not Obama, in her speech about bin Laden’s death

Joe Scarborough says Obama’s Base Didn’t Want Him To Catch Bin Laden Despite the Fact It Was a Campaign Promise

The Reich Wing appendages to big business on the Supreme Court have struck another blow to "We The People" forcing Americans to surrender their rights to file class-action lawsuits & effectively removing incentives for corporations to behave within the law.

Wall Street Front Group Loading Up Conservative Activists With Soft Ball Questions For GOP Town Halls

FINALLY, Republicans are being proactive about addressing climate change - Gov. Rick Perry Issues Proclamation for Days of Prayer for Rain in Texas

Blood for Oil! Documents Reveal Talks Between Government and Oil Giants BEFORE Invasion of Iraq

"Small Government" Rethugs Dissolve City Governments While Forcing Michigan Teachers Forced To Rely On Food Stamps

Paul Ryan Dodges Question Regarding Why He's a Hypocrite Who Voted For Two Unfunded Wars, Unfunded Tax Cuts, and Unfunded Corporate Giveaways During Bush, While Pretending To Be Fiscally Conservative Today

Filthy Over-Privileged Sociopaths at Faux News Mock Food-Stamp Recipients Their Policies Create

Marilyn Davenport, Teabagger & member of the central committee of the Orange County Republican Party, Sends Racist Obama Email to Other Totally Not-Racist CONS... To Show How Hilarious Non-Racist Teabaggers Can Be

Utah Republicans Cut Unemployment Insurance As ‘Motivation For People To Get Back To Work’

Koch Industries Employs PR Firm To Airbrush Wikipedia, Gets Banned For Unethical ‘Sock Puppets’ ’

People Stand All Night In The Cold To Get Free Medical Care here in the United States of Serfs and Lords

Paul Ryan's Budget is Nothing But Ideologically-Based Crap

Another reason why we have to go back to a top marginal tax rate of 90% - Trump Conducting Hawaii Investigation Into Obama's Birthplace

Republican Budget Kills Medicare and Social Security

Maine Republicans Sponsor Bill to Roll Back Child Labor Laws with the Added Bonus of Paying the Children $2 Below Federal Minimum Wage

Convicted Felon Oliver North (Who Enabled an ILLEGAL War in Strict Defiance of Congress) Is Angry That Obama Didn't Get Congress' Approval On Libya

Glenn beck: "the world is about to be plunged into complete and utter darkness, despair, famine," and I'll be starting up my own TV network."

Flip Flop! Flip Flop! Flip Flop! Gingrich Slams Obama For Not Acting in Libya, Then Slams Him For Acting

'Broke Wisconsin' Gave State Senator Randy Hopper's Mistress a Job

Faux News "Journalists" Spend Most of Their Time in their Hotel Rooms, Then Report a Pack of Lies... and CNN's Nic Robertson Calls Them Out For It.

KS GOP State Rep. Compares Undocumented Immigrants To Pigs, Suggests Shooting Them From Helicopters

NH GOP Senator Says The Mentally Ill Are ‘Defective People’ That Should Be Shipped Off To Siberia

Kudlow 'Grateful' that Human Toll in Japan Earthquake was Worse than Economic Toll - How Repug of Him!

Wall Street Front Group President Sneers At Protesters, Says Public Servants Are Paid Too Much

House Repugs More Anti-Science Than Ever

Republican Shock Doctrine power grab at it's most disgusting. Michigan Repugs use Financial Crisis as Excuse to Pass a Bill Allowing the Gov to INSTALL Flunkies Overrule Elected officials, Abolish Union Contracts, & Dissolve City Councils & School Boards

Limbaugh/Hannity Parent Company Admits Hiring Actors to Call Radio Shows to Give the Class War that Seaming "Average Joe" Stamp of Approval

Texas Teabagger Rep. Debbie Riddle Wants to Fine & Jail Employers of Undocumented Workers - Except if the Undocumented Worker is "Household Help"

Asked If Bank Of America Paying Nothing In Corporate Taxes Is Fair, Pawlenty Responds: Taxes Are ‘Too High’

Report by Bastion of Liberal Ideology - Goldman Sachs - says GOP Budget Cuts Would Hurt U.S. Economy

Sarah Palin Has Secret ‘Lou Sarah’ Facebook Account To Praise Other Sarah Palin Facebook Account

Whackadoodle Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin Repug Rep Wants Police To Investigate All Miscarriages

Anti-Worker WI Governor Hosni Walker Was Bankrolled into Power by Trust Fund Billionaire Koch Brothers

House GOP wants Americans to Choke to Die Quickly... as They Seek to Nullify the EPA

Who's the Jabber Jaw That Tipped Him Off? Bush Cancels Visit To Switzerland Due To Threat Of Torture Prosecution

Repug Gov. Rick Perry Relied Most Heavily On Recovery Act Funds To Fill Budget Hole While Simultaneously Bashing the Recovery Act - How Typically Hypocritically Repug!

So Much for "Impartial" Justice: Antonin Scalia Attends Michele Bachmann's Tea Party

Republican Circle Jerk Theater Health Care Repeal Vote Passes House

Mike Lee: Federal Child Labor Laws Are Unconstitutional. How Repug of him!

Surprise, Surprise! Right-Wing Libertarian Internet Trolls Getting Paid to Dumb Down Online Conversations

Tom DeLay Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

Republican-Controlled Congress Disbands 4-Year-Old Global Warming Committee

So Much for Transparency! Republicans Block Congressional Health Care Disclosure

CBO: Health Care Repeal Would Up Deficit By $230 Billion

Tell Us Something We Don't Know- Study Concludes Conservatives Are Fear-Based Cowards

Hoping to Deflect Rage From the Republicans on Whom It Belongs, Newt Gingrich Blames Nation's Problems On Unemployed People

House Republicans Want Little Girls to Get Raped

Holy Obvious! Study Concludes Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed

Repug Hypocrite Senators Cornyn and Thune Publicly Oppose Earmarks While PRIVATELY Requesting Them

Rep. Jon Kyl Reaps $200 Million in Earmarks While Publicly Denouncing Earmarks. How Very Repug of Him!

Fox News Posts Onion Obama Story Amid Real News

Pot, Meet Kettle: Deficit commission’s Simpson calls US seniors the ‘greediest generation’

Proving That We Can Only Expect Grunts from Piglets - Palin Daughters Tweet Homophobic Slurs

In The United States of Serfs and Lords, Your Reward Comes In Heaven: Deficit Commission Recommends Cutting Social Security, Medicaid & Raising Retirement Age While Advocating MORE Tax Giveaways For The Rich

Right-Wing ‘Journalists’ At Secret Koch Meeting Make A Living Defending Unlimited Corporate Political Money

HYPOCRITE Republicans Beg For Funds In Private Letters from the Stimulus Plan they Vociferously Opposed in Public

All Men Are Created Equal? HELL NO in Repug World! Rush Limpballs Says That Some People Were Born to Be Slaves

John Boehner's Republicans Fight To Keep Outsourcing American Jobs

Karl Rove's "American Crossroads" into Oligarchy funded 91% by Billionaires who Can't Abide a Vibrant Middle Class

Can We Arrest Them NOW? Bush Administration Looked for Reasons to Start War With Iraq Upon Taking Office

Will Their GREED EVER END? Republicans Can't Stop Talking About Handing Social Security Over to Wall Street Banksters

ONCE AGAIN - Faux News Edits Clip to Fit Their Pro-Corporate, Anti-Everyone Else Agenda

Repug Bob Corker Celebrates American Car Industry he Tried to Kill

Fox "News" Deceptively Edits Video to Fit their Agenda - AGAIN

Fox Business Channel Celebrates Labor Day by Attacking Unions

In video, organization behind Christian Fundamentalist C Street House Details Plan for Control of Society

Republican Hypocrisy Never Ends: Koch Industries Applies For Federal Funds From Health Care Law It Vehemently Opposes

Alan Simpson: Social Security Is 'A Milk Cow With 310 Million Tits'

Follow the Money: Corporate America's Propaganda Outlet FOX "News" Fails To Mention That Their Co-Owner Is One They Accuse Of 'Terror Funding

Like their Father did During Kennedy Administration, Koch Brothers Use their Inherited Billions to Fund Fake "Grassroots" Outrage Rallying Dupes to their Own Demise

Corporate America's Propaganda Outlet (Faux News) & Wall Street Journal's Parent Company ... ahem... "News" Corp... Greases the Wheels of the Plutocracy with a $1 Million Dollar "Donation" to Republican Governors Association

Religious Zealots Determined to Drag US to New Dark Age - Conservative Think Tank Fighting for "Creation" Myth to be taught in Science Classes

Repugs Economic Plan for the Future: Do the Same Things That Destroyed the Middle Class - Only More

Repugs Punish and Mock the Unemployed for Deficits they Giddily Ran up for Years.

DINO News:
Obama Wipes His Ass With The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Magna Carta by Signing NDAA - Enabling The Military To Indefinitely Detain Americans Without Charge, Trial or Due Process of Law

Despite Campaign Promises, Obama Signs MORE So-Called "Free Trade" Deals, Greasing The Race to the Bottom, Turning Americans into Cheap Labor Wage Slaves - As Corporate America Always Wanted

REPORT: Debt Ceiling Deal Will Cost 1.8 Million Jobs In 2012

Obama's Job Czar Jeffrey Immelt Sends MORE American Jobs to China

Washington is About to Make the Jobs Crisis Worse

Obama Puts Social Security Cuts on the Table for Repugs to Finally Destroy... I Wonder if the Republicans Will Love the Kenyan Socialist Now?

Max Baucus, the Same DINO Who ARRESTED People for Wanting to Talk About Single Payer during the Health Care Hearings, Slipped Single Payer Into the HCR Bill - For the Town of Libby, Montana Only

The man Republicans labeled a "Socialist" even as he was deregulating the media, signing the repeal of Glass Steagal & the Working-Class-killing NAFTA, CAFTA & GATT, Bill Clinton, telling Paul Ryan to give him a call so they can plot the destruction of Medicare.

Cornell West is as disappointed in Obama as the rest of the Progressive Community and describes him as, “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.”

President Obama Declares Bradley Manning Guilty Without Due Process of Law - Long Live the King... I Guess!

Obama Administration Trampling on Rights He Promised To Protect

President Obama thinks it's a good idea to cut heating aid in an extremely brutal Winter during the worst economic crisis since the FIRST Republican Great Depression.

Corruption is Corruption - Even When a "D" does it. Obama OMB Director Peter Orszag takes a High Salary Job at Citibank after Working to Make it one of the Biggest Recipients of Taxpayer's Bailout Cash

Corruption is Corruption - Even When a "D" does it. Obama OMB Director Peter Orszag takes a High Salary Job at Citibank after Working to Make it one of the Biggest Recipients of Taxpayer's Bailout Cash

So Funny I Forgot to Laugh: Holbrooke's Last Words On Afghanistan Clarified As Being Part of a Humorous Exchange by Obama Administration

Follow the Money: Right-Wing Koch Industries gave funding to the DLC and served on its Executive Council

Obama Solution to Stop Outsourcing - Stop Counting Jobs Outsourced

Gibbs on the Left: Dog Bites the Man

Obama Administration Wants to be Able to Spy on You without Court Oversight

Senate Democrats Abandon Effort to Extend Unemployment Benefits in Face of Repug Filibuster

White House Intervenes On Financial Reform To Protect Big CEO Pay

12 DINOS Side With Repugs To Block Unemployment Extension

Bill Clinton Thanks Health Insurers For Their Support Of The Health Insurance Reform

Schumer Congratulates Lincoln For “Fighting Unions” As FDR Rolls In His Grave

6 Dirty Dinos (Bayh, Landrieu, Lincoln, Nelson, Pryor, Rockefeller) Vote With Repug Murkowski In Failed Attempt To Strip The EPA Of Its Power To Regulate Greenhouse Gas Pollution.

Metaphorical Deaths
Liberal Radio

How can we miss them if they won’t go away? PLEASE, Right Wingers! GO GALT!


It’s said that if you want to truly know a person, then meet their friends… and also look at who they admire.

Take right-wing libertarian guru, Ayn Rand, for example.  She was a big fan of the disgusting sadist William Edward Hickman, who kidnapped and dismembered a 12 year old girl in 1927.

That’s right… In her journals, Rand wrote glowingly that child murderer and dismemberer was a “real man” with “…no organ for understanding, the necessity, meaning, or importance of other people…”

In other words… Rand was a textbook sociopath who idolized another sociopath… What right wingers call, “a hero!”

Ayn Rand ideologues include Alan Greenspan, who publicly stated that his job was to create “worker insecurity” as a way of keeping the Serfs from rising up against their Sovereign Lords and whose “supply-side” economic fraud has plunged the world towards yet another Republican Great Depression while making a handful of people filthy rich; Clarence Thomas, who assigns Rand’s “The Fountainhead” as required reading for all his law clerks; Rush Limbaugh, who believes “some people were just born to be slaves“; Glenn Beckwho is literally building an Ayn Rand-inspired city; and Lyin’ Paul Ryan, who credits Rand with influencing his interest in politics.  Recently, though, Ryan has tried to assert that his obsession with Ayn Rand was an “urban legend,”  Seems her atheism upset the dupes he’s been trying to convince of his love of Jesus.  Never mind the fact that we have him on tape singing her praises. One of the hallmark characteristics of sociopathy is believing everyone is stupid enough to fall for blatant lies – even when the sociopath is caught red-handed.

Normal people (non-Republicans) view Rand’s affinity for a self-serving, child murdering and dismembering psychopath as a “real man” as a window into a dark mind to be, at the most, analyzed but not emulated.  Yet, Republicans idolize her - like she idolized Hickman.

We’ve now endured years of watching this sickness play out on a national stage with Ayn Rand Republicans undermining everything from education, health care to child labor lawsthings healthy societies embrace as a matter of course.

Let these twisted souls convince each other that they are the pivots that turn the Earth’s access, but we must never reorganize our society to suit the sickest among us.

Personally, I hope right wingers make good on their threats and finally “Go Galt” on us.  This is a reference to and Ayn Rand character in “Atlas Shrugged” who triggers the collapse of society by leading a strike of the elite.

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GOP Tries to Breathe Life into Rotting Corpse of CONservatism – and FAILS

Republican Autopsy Image

It’s been a year since Republicans did their “autopsy” on why they lost the presidential election, which…   forgive me… but aren’t autopsies done on dead things? Well, anyway…

Republicans found out that the stinking corpse that is conservatism doesn’t appeal to all sorts of people… black peopleyoung people lgbt people female people…  people who want to breathe fresh air…. People who like non-poisonous foodpeople who want to get paid a living wagepeople with intellectual curiosity…. people who have empathy…. Basically,  all normal people who aren’t pale, stale and male.

WATCH: ” Ring of Fire‘s Mike Papantonio and Think Progress‘ Ian Millhiser talk about what Republicans have accomplished in the last year in their attempt to remake the party.”

So… For a minute there, the GOP tried to rebrand itself as the party for everyone – by telling everyone just what lazy, welfare dependent parasites they are.

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Wealth Hoarding is a Sickness to Democracy

Sheldon Adelson Wealth Hoarder

What do you think possible Republican Presidential candidates, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Scott Walker discussed when they presented themselves to their Sovereign Lord casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson?

You think they pondered how best to restore the working class to her post-New Dealpre-Reaganomics upward mobility? I doubt it.

What they did was try to convince a New Gilded Age Robber Baron that THEY’RE the best puppet he could pick to ensure government policy enables his rapacious addiction to wealth and power.

You see, while millions of Average Americans choose whether to pay rent or buy food … The bloated banquets of Adelson, the Koch Brother’s, Pete Peterson and the like, just don’t ever seem to fill them up – they also want the crumbs. They’re sick.

Yes, sick. You see, while there is nothing inherently wrong with being rich – there is something VERY wrong with a person hoarding wealth to the point that it could never be spent in 1000s lifetimes but they STILL grasp for more as their nation crumbles and their fellow citizens suffer around them.

Look at it this way, if a person hoards newspapers, or animals… everyone agrees that person is sick and needs help.  But if a person hoards money, conservative politicians line up to kiss his ring.   That’s not democracy.  That’s oligarchy.

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Republicans Will Blow Racist Dog Whistles Until It Stop Working

Paul Ryan Republican Racist Dog Whistle Image

Washing already clean pots and pans in a closed soup kitchen sure has made Paul Ryan an “expert” in what goes on in the “inner city.”

That… and deliberately misinterpreting economic datalying to America’s face incessantly… and blowing the tried-and-true Republican racist dog whistle.

As Ian Haney Lopez wrote at

“Paul Ryan triggered a firestorm of recrimination this week. Speaking recently on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio program, the Wisconsin Republican and self-styled budget wonk linked poverty to “this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work.”

Setting aside the factual claim — the notion that poverty is especially concentrated in America’s inner cities is an increasingly antiquated one — these comments elicited a quick and forceful rebuke from Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), who decried them as “a thinly veiled racial attack.” She explained: “[W]hen Mr. Ryan says ‘inner city,’ when he says, ‘culture,’ these are simply code words for what he really means: ‘black.’”

Ryan has since backpedaled, protesting that race was nowhere in his thoughts: “This has nothing to do whatsoever with race. It never even occurred to me. This has nothing to do with race whatsoever.”

Yeah… right.   Lyin’ Ryan says, “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning to value the culture of work, so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.”

See.. “Lazy inner city men” are the new “Welfare Queens!” – and they’re the ones to blame for the fact that billionaires aren’t trickling on us  – NOT deindustrialization, divestment away from education and anti-poverty programs, “free-trade” outsourcing our jobs and factories, the systematic decimation of unions, and centuries of institutionalized racism and discrimination. Pay no attention to that record economic disparity and upward immobility behind the curtain!

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Gay Bashing Isn’t Christian – Just CONservative

CONservative Jesus Image

In the right wing version of American history, Jesus dictated the Constitution to the founders… and then commanded everyone to rebel against the entrenched British Aristocracy to create an American one that used the Bible to keep everyone in their natural place.

In a recent appearance on the Global Evangelical Television, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said“I think we got off that track when we allowed our government to become a secular government, when we stopped realizing that God created this nation, that He wrote the constitution, that’s based on biblical principles.”  

Clearly, history (much less reality) is not a strong suit for the American Christian Taliban.  The reality is that the United States would have never come to fruition if it weren’t for the radical Enlightenment principles that elevated reason over religious tyranny and superstition.  But, that hasn’t stopped the scourge of faux-religiosity from forever trying to sicken our body politic by dividing people  - and then insisting they’re just following orders from “God.”

And… since Jim Crow became a liability,  gay bashing is a CONservative Christian’s holy sacrament.   Fact is, for all their teabag-draped tri-corn hats, CONs just don’t grasp that it takes a level of maturity to actually function in a free, democratic, society of 320 million diverse people…  some of whom are not straight, white, wealthy, men.

These are people who profess that their “freedom” hinges on being able to subjugate certain segments of the population… and, of course, call someone the f-word… or the n-word… without some liberal b-word getting all uppity.

Throughout history, the targeted groups may change, but today’s CONservatives are just the modern day heirs of those who believed they weren’t “free” unless they could literally own other human beings  - and they had the Bible passages to back it up!

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Republicans Useless? Blame Obama!

GOP Obstruction Plot Image

Republicans are in a bind on immigration reform. They don’t want to “appear” like they aren’t racist and xenophobic, because that might offend their racist and xenophobic base… but they also don’t want to “appear” like they’re against immigration reform because they’re desperately trying to dupe Latinos into voting for them… what to do?  

Well, they cracked it! Just DO NOTHING (as usual) – and blame the President!   He’s “untrustworthy!  Look at him!  He’s not even white!”

Never mind the record-setting deportation of undocumented immigrants under President Obama.   It doesn’t matter what the President really DOES – it matters what Republicans SAY he does.

Besides.  Republicans really don’t want to do anything about immigration.  You see – an undocumented worker is a nice, compliant, exploitable worker – what Republicans call “a good start.”

Funny, though.  This “do nothing and blame the President” strategy is the same “idea” they’ve had since January 20th, 2009 when,  as Robert Draper revealed in his book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives,” Republicans who were supposedly elected to do “the People’s work” conspired, as any enemies of America would, to block everything the President would try to do to remedy the disaster of “trickle down economics” – and then blame the President for the failures.

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MLK’s Legacy: The Fight for Economic and Social Justice Continues

Martin Luther King Jr Economic Justice Image 2

(Updated from a post that originally appeared Jan. 20, 2013)

This MLK day, as in years prior, people all over the country will learn that Martin Luther King, Jr. “had a dream” that black children and white children would one day play and go to school together without having to call National Guard to protect them from the red-blooded American conservatives who can’t deal with, among many things, non-white people and/or progress.  With the election of our first black President, surely, we are told, King’s dream is now a reality…  so much so, that we can can now congratulate ourselves on our evolution by adding a made-in-China MLK statue to the National Mall.   Tragically, among the many myths we’re told in America, it’s no surprise that MLK has undergone the standard whitewash from which he’s been transformed from an anti-militarism revolutionary for social and economic justice into an orator who pondered, Rodney King-style platitudes about “why can’t we all just get along?”

Keeping with the whitewashed image, on King’s national holiday, most so-called “representatives” from sea to shining sea will give their standard speeches meant to, not rally us to change the structures that create poverty for the many and affluence for the few, but convince us that the status quo is working.   This year, though, some are highlighting King’s call for the need for economic and social justice.  For example, Sen. Ed Markey asked at Boston’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast, “What would Dr. King say about those in Congress that vote to deny unemployment insurance even as they delay investing in new jobs?”

 wrote in a piece for Salon titled, The radical MLK we need today, “Rather than remembering King solely as a civil rights leader, we must reclaim him as a radical advocate of economic justice, looking to lead a multiracial movement of poor people to complete the unfinished business of the civil rights movement. As King put it plainly, ‘What good does it do to be able to eat at a lunch counter if you can’t buy a hamburger?’  Post-integration, too many black people couldn’t sit down at integrated lunch counters and buy a hamburger; 50 years later, too many people of every race have the same problem.

Yet, conservatives insist that we now live in a “post-racial”  nation.  Laughably, the Republican National Committee even recently tweeted praise to civil rights icon Rosa Parks for “her role in ending racism.”   The “divide and conquer” strategy conservatives utilize against the working class depends on people believing that racism is a thing of the past and structures put in place to remedy inequality are equally archaic.  Therefore, people should not grumble when conservatives dismantle them.

The right wing Supreme Court killing part of the voting rights act is just one recent example of conservatives attacking the structures meant to create “a more perfect union.”  According to Chief Justice John Roberts, “our country has changed.”   Never mind that it changed as a result of things like… um… the Voting Rights Act! 

King said himself, “The dispossessed of this nation – the poor, both white and Negro – live in a cruelly unjust society.   They must organize a revolution against that injustice, not against the lives of the persons who are their fellow citizens, but against the structures through which the society is refusing to take means which have been called for, and which are at hand, to lift the load of poverty.”  

Let’s remember that the major “sin” that Shirley Sherrod committed in her 2010 speech to the NAACP was that she detailed her awakening to fact that real struggle was not “white versus black” but “rich versus poor.”  Hence, the right-wing propagandists went to work editing her remarks so that her message of economic equality was replaced with the one where the conservative agenda of fomenting racial division was served.

Far from criticizing our broken system, conservatives of both parties have a vested interest in propagating King’s “dream” as simply the wish that, “men,” “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  This is a more palatable phrase the corporate-sponsored government can regularly regurgitate for the masses to swallow, while easily neglecting threats to corporate power like King’s call for “a national responsibility to provide work for all”, “the right of every citizen to a minimum income” and “the right to an adequate education.” (Read more about that in Aviva Shen’s article for ThinkProgress 4 Ways Martin Luther King Was More Radical Than You Thought)

WATCH: Georgetown University’s Christopher Chambers discusses the whitewashing of King’s message:

The sad truth is that income inequality is higher now than when Dr. King died in 1968 and the working class is worse off now than when King organized his first “Poor People’s Campaign,” in which he meant to confront the issues of jobs, income and housing.

Dedrick Muhammad, Senior Director of the NAACP Economic Department and Nicole Kenney, NAACP Economic Program Specialist posted at the NAACP website,

“Dr. King states, ‘There is nothing new about poverty. What is new, however, is that we now have the resources to get rid of it.’  We are currently funding three unpopular wars that, like the Vietnam War, are diverting a significant amount of dollars that could be used to aggressively combat poverty and provide opportunities to reclaim the American Dream.  It is simply a matter of priorities. Therefore, in the spirit of Dr. King’s legacy, let us reevaluate our country’s commitment to the groups Dr. King sacrificed his life to protect- the economically vulnerable and recognize that advancing a strong middle class economy must have progressive policy as the center of the struggle (e.g., social safety net, government investment in opportunity and equity, and progressive taxation on the wealthiest of Americans).  Let’s not commemorate Dr. King’s memorial without recommitting ourselves to fulfilling the vision he and so many brave men and women fought for – economic justice for all.”

King said, “We believe the highest patriotism demands the ending of the war and the opening of a bloodless war to final victory over racism and poverty.”  Then, as it is now, ensuring that society works for ALL is the highest form of patriotism.

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Chris Christie Caught in the Act of Being Himself: A Republican

Chris Christie George Washington Bridge Fort Lee Image

Another day, another Republican is caught in the act of being himself: unfit to hold a leadership position in a modern nation. Now, it’s Chris Christie, the loud mouth bully/”savior” du jour of the dying (not fast enough) Republican Party. Despite his typically dismissive, sarcastic and abusive retorts, Christie was unsuccessful in making everyone forget that he and his minions abused their positions in government to create a traffic nightmare for the people of Fort Lee, New Jersey, in an effort to retaliate against Democratic political rivals – not only inconveniencing, but giddily endangering the lives of the people they pretend to represent.

Read Mother Jones’ breakdown of the whole scandal, and you’ll quickly agree with something I always contend. Namely… Republicans represent the people? Naaa…. The only reason a Republican seeks a position in government is to ingratiate and enrich himself and his/her friends.

Harming the People they Pretend to Represent: Standard Operating Political Strategy for Republicans.

As Robert Draper revealed in his book,”Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives,” on Jan. 20, 2009 – the night of Barack Obama’s first inauguration – Republicans met at the Caucus Room restaurant in Washington D.C. for a four hour, “invitation only” meeting. There, Republicans who were elected to do “the People’s work” literally hatched the plot to sabotage, undermine and destroy the U.S. economy as a 2012 election strategy by repeatedly blocking President Obama’s every attempt to fix Bush’s conservative failures in an effort to ensure the President would not be re-elected. House members Cantor, Hensarling, Hoekstra, Lungren, McCarthy, Ryan & Sessions…Senate members, Coburn, Corker, DeMint, Ensign & Kyl… conspired with unelected Newt Gingrich & Repug strategist Frank Luntz to bring the government to a screeching halt and harm the American People for political gain.

Christie’s unconscionable abuse of power aimed at the people who suffer under his leadership is just another day at the office for a Republican “hero” who sprinkled state offices with unqualified flunkies who then, like all flunkies connected to a crime boss, squatted in their positions for the sole purpose of sucking off the government teat.

Christie tried to wiggle out of this traffic jam scandal in his typical bully style. At one point, actually trying to manufacture outrage at the people of Fort Lee for having 3 toll entrances and sarcastically joking that “he moved the cones himself.”*  What more can we expect?  A bully is what a bully does, and Christie has a history of pettiness, bullying and retribution against political rivals.

So, please don’t believe the manufactured narrative that Christie is some post-partisan antidote to “Washington” intransigence.

He’s a typical Republican puppet of plutocracy who is in office to advance the interests of the elite.  He’s already made the obligatory secret pilgrimage to kiss the Koch brothers’ feet. (Read “5 Corrupt Things About New Jersey Governor Chris Christie” by Olivia Nuzzi at Alternet).

Thankfully, Christie is now being exposed for the crook that he is – and all I can say to that is, “is it wrong that I’m smiling?


Three Cheers! They “Bipartisan Compromised” (to Failed Austerity Policies)!

Ryan Murray Bipartisan Austerity Budget Image

So… let’s review.… Republican Paul Ryan Democrat Patty Murray release a budget that protects the rich (of course) and actually calls for less discretionary spending in 2014 than Ryan’s original nightmare budget that the people already rejected through a process called an election is cheered by Washington as an example of how the American People want Washington to get along and work together?

Frankly, the American people don’t really care whether Washington “getting along”.  The People care about having a country that works for more than just the Koch Brothers.
It’s not a victory that politicians “worked together” to turn us into serfs, rather than doing it from their own benches.

But it’s all about slashing spending and deficit reduction, we’re told, right?!   Um… wrong. Republicans calling for “spending cuts” is just their way of assuring Grover Norquiest they’re fulfilling his dream of shrinking government down to a size where they can drown it in a bathtub… like the way crooks would like to do something similar to cops…

… and despite what Republicans say, there’s no debt tipping point, above which a nation’s growth disappears – That’s just another thoroughly debunked Republican LIE …. But STILL Republicans pretend and democrats compromise that “deficit reduction” is the most important concern of a government budget when it’s just an excuse for squeezing the promise of a decent, middle class life out of the social compact.

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CONservative Climate Change Denial – Will They EVER Learn the Lessons of History?

CONS of the Ancient and Modern Worlds Image

Watching Republicans participate in a Climate change hearing is like watching scientists attempt to explain thermodynamics to a troop of bonobo monkeys – who also happen to be religious fanatics on the Koch Brother’s payroll.

It’s a national embarrassment that would be funny except when you remember that we spent more money on extreme weather cleanup last year than on schools or roads.

Even with the consequences of climate change staring us in the face, the typical Republican response is denial and call for more drilling, especially including the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.  They’re like the Rapa Nui Priests of Easter Island calling for more Moai statues to be built to undo the ecological collapse caused by the building of the Moai statues.

In case you are not familiar with that tale, here’s the brief synopsis paraphrased from the Independent UK:

…Easter Island was once a lush, sub-tropical paradise covered in thick forest filled with a rich assortment of wildlife. But the trees and forest animals were long gone by the time Jacob Roggeveen, the Dutch seaman who gave the island its name when he spotted it on Easter Day in 1722, had arrived.  The question is why?

In his 2005 book, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, author Jared Diamond explains why it was the islanders’ fault. Diamond says they started to build bigger and bigger ceremonial statues  (Moai) in an atmosphere of competitive rivalry between the island’s many different clans. To move the statues from the island’s quarry, Rano Raraku, in the south-east, the islanders needed to cut large logs for the construction of long “canoe ladders” to carry the massive carvings to the island’s coast. They also needed heavy ropes made from the fibrous bark of the bigger palms.

“The overall picture for Easter Island is the most extreme example of forest destruction in the Pacific, and among the most extreme in the world: the whole forest gone, and all of its tree species extinct,” says Diamond.

As a result of the deforestation, food production fell dramatically as crops became exposed to the harsh winds and semi-arid conditions of the region. Consequently the population collapsed from perhaps as many as 15,000 at its peak to the few thousand that were eking out a living by the time Roggeveen arrived.

Smallpox and slavery killed off most of the people that remained, but the islanders were on the way to total collapse even without any contact with Europeans, says Diamond.

Read the whole article here.


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